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VMPX (Ordinals)

VMPX Coin, a BRC-20 token developed by XEN crypto's founder, Jack Levin, became available on May 7th. It distinguishes itself by being backed by Jack Levin's core principles, ensuring it was not pre-mined, there was no special allocation to the founder, and the code remains unchangeable.

This distinct feature sets VMPX Coin apart, positioning it as a prospective investment option among other BRC-20 tokens. The projected surge associated with its unique characteristics is anticipated to contribute to its price rise. Furthermore, the prominent presence of Jack Levin, a well-established figure in the crypto realm, adds a robust brand identity to the VMPX token.

What is VMPX Coin?

VMPX Coin represents a BRC-20 token formulated by Jack Levin, the visionary behind XEN Crypto. It was initially introduced on May 7th, adhering strictly to "first principles." Levin's approach involved launching the token without pre-mining, abstaining from a reserved allocation for the founder, and maintaining immutable code.

Who is Jack Levin, the Founder of VMPX?

Jack Levin, renowned in the cryptocurrency realm, hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, born in 1974. He relocated with his family to the United States in 1990 and pursued computer science studies at the University of Missouri.

Levin played a pivotal role in crafting Google’s initial infrastructure and holds the status of being the originator of several tech startups, including XEN Crypto. His track record as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor boasts numerous triumphs within the technology sphere. His fascination with Bitcoin dates back to 2010, establishing his active engagement within the cryptocurrency realm.

In Levin's perspective, Bitcoin embodies a fundamental yet potent concept—one conceived by others decades ago. The convergence of the internet, expansive applications facilitated by open-source code, and faster CPUs have enabled the creation of genuinely impregnable encryption.

Levin commenced Bitcoin mining in 2011, recognizing its cryptographic value and the significance of self-managing keys. By 2014, when computing power dwindled, he briefly shifted to ASICS and ceased mining. He occasionally gifted Bitcoin to friends, with one even recently purchasing a house using this digital currency.

With the objective of establishing a global currency accessible to diverse segments of society, Levin founded XEN, with VMPX Coin forming an integral component of this ambitious initiative.

VMPX Coin Token Economy

VMPX Coin's token economy operates on foundational principles, signifying that the total token supply is not pre-defined, and there exists no specialized allocation for the founders. This structure ensures equitable and uniform distribution of the token.

How Does VMPX Operate?

VMPX functions as a BRC-20 token within the Bitcoin blockchain and an ERC-20 token within the Ethereum network, both with a total supply of 108,624,000 tokens. Those possessing VMPX tokens can earn yield actively by providing liquidity between the two chains and engaging in staking within the bridge liquidity pool. This not only promotes liquidity but also grants rewards to users for their active involvement.

Moreover, the adaptability of VMPX's framework enables token holders to swap their tokens at a 1:1 ratio, whether from BRC-20 to ERC-20 or vice versa. This marks a significant advancement in facilitating cross-chain exchanges.

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Top 6 BRC 20 Tokens That Could Make Big Profits in 2024

VMPX Coin, a BRC-20 token created by Jack Levin, the founder of XEN crypto, became available on May 7th. What sets VMPX Coin apart is that it follows Jack Levin’s “first principles” – it wasn’t pre-mined, the founder didn’t get any special allocation, and the code cannot be changed.