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Victoria Price (VR)

₹ 2.5600000000 1.80 %

Low : ₹ 2.3400 High : ₹ 2.4600

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₹15.02 B

-1.5018 %

All Time High : ₹46.6100

All Time Low : ₹0.3912


₹114.09 M

Circulating Supply 6386830000
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Victoria (VR)

Victoria VR stands as a groundbreaking Blockchain-based MMORPG in Virtual Reality, boasting realistic graphics developed on Unreal Engine and uniquely owned by its user base. Positioned as a universal platform for virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications, it strives to craft a Metaverse—a shared virtual realm constituting the 3D internet. Within the expansive Victoria VR World, users can engage in games, quests, virtual galleries, and The Big Market VR, a 3D space for NFT exchange. Users will be incentivized for their activities in the VR world.

The native utility tokens, Victoria VR Tokens (VR), serve as the exclusive currency in the Victoria VR World, with diverse use cases such as staking, participation in the DAO, acquiring VR Lands, purchasing various assets, including items, buildings, resources, wearables, services, tickets, courses, and art. The tokens also facilitate acquiring modificatory items that generate passive income, advertisements, transport, leasing, and other extras.

Victoria VR aspires to evolve into a self-sustaining economy, attracting traditional businesses to establish a presence within the virtual realm, and fostering innovative business models and digital entrepreneurship. Governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Victoria VR World empowers token and land owners to participate in decisions shaping its future, aiming to be a fully operational and evolving world independent of its original creators.

The platform revolutionizes NFTs by allowing users to easily create functional NFTs with real superpowers or the ability to generate VR tokens. The introduction of The Big Market VR takes NFT trading to new heights, providing a decentralized marketplace on smart contracts. Users can trade a wide array of goods and services, participate in auctions, and inspect items in detail before purchase, fostering a vibrant NFT paradise for creators, collectors, and traders.


CEO Ondřej Dobruský and COO Adam Bém are the visionary minds behind the inception of Victoria VR. Ondřej Dobruský, serving as the CEO, brings to the table over 16 years of technological expertise, marked by a track record of inventing and implementing new technologies and solutions. With more than 11 years of leadership experience, Dobruský is adept at assembling and leading dream teams. His immersion in the realms of gaming and Virtual Reality dates back to 2010, evolving into a Game Architect role in 2018.

Complementing the leadership is COO Adam Bém, a tech entrepreneur and Blockchain expert. Bém's repertoire includes over 5 years of experience in project and team leadership, strategic planning, and project presentation. As a problem solver, team leader, and advocate for Virtual Reality, Bém has successfully steered two technological projects involving the development of automated trading algorithms and leading a cyber security emergency team.

Together, Dobruský and Bém form a dynamic leadership duo, blending technological prowess, leadership acumen, and a shared passion for gaming and Virtual Reality, driving the vision and success of Victoria VR.

What makes Victoria unique?

  • Unparalleled Graphics - Victoria VR will deliver realistic graphics utilizing the latest Unreal Engine, ensuring an unparalleled VR experience with unique solutions for special effects.

  • Tokenomics - Play to Earn - An enduring, motivating economy designed to reward active users and stakers, fostering continuous engagement within the Victoria VR community.

  • The Quests System - A fully algorithmic system motivates users to return to Victoria VR, ensuring its sustained existence without reliance on the original creators.

  • New Combat System - Victoria VR introduces a revolutionary combat system in virtual reality, enhancing the overall immersive experience for users.

  • NFT Revolution - Users gain the ability to Create, Modify, and Combine NFTs, with creators showcasing and selling digital artwork in the NFT Gallery. The secure trading of NFTs is facilitated in The Big Market VR.

  • Future-Proofed - The Victoria VR World server solution is fully upgradable and scalable, with the DAO placing control of the platform's evolution in the hands of its users.

  • Largest Number of Use-Cases - Victoria VR caters to a diverse audience of business and leisure users, establishing commercial partnerships, providing entertainment, and introducing new business models.

  • Timing - Informed by the experiences of others, Victoria VR strategically adopts more mature and upgradeable technologies, learning from past mistakes to ensure a robust and reliable platform.

Use cases of VICTORIA 

Contributing to utility and environmental consciousness, the inaugural use case involves facilitating potential luxury purchases, such as boats, in a resource-efficient and eco-friendly manner. Traditionally, transporting yachts from one location to another incurs significant costs and environmental impact. The pioneering move by Lagoon catamarans to incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) into their sales funnel represents a revolutionary approach. This collaboration not only saves company expenses but also conserves energy and time for clients. Recognizing the substantial benefits, marketing teams are embracing this collaboration for its enhanced efficiency and improved buyer experience.

Examining the gameplay mechanics and VR experience in the Lagoon x Victoria VR x Escape to Nature collaboration, Victoria VR offers a one-to-one presentation of the newly launched Lagoon 55 sailing-motor catamaran. Users can explore the entire deck, examine interior cabins and bathrooms, traverse the kitchen, and witness the integration of technology into the watercraft. Tailored exclusively for the Oculus Quest (Meta Quest) VR headset, this project enables potential buyers to virtually experience the yacht, fostering a sense of presence and realism.

Within the virtual boat environment, users have interactive capabilities. They can move through real walking or by using the controller stick, look around by physically turning their heads or utilizing the controller stick, and perform actions like jumping by waving their hands or pressing designated buttons. Realistic interactions, such as doors being physics-driven and capable of colliding with the user's hands or body, add to the immersive experience. Additionally, users can open doors using handles or by simply pushing them if pre-opened. The captain's wheel can be rotated along its axis by grabbing it with a hand, providing a comprehensive one-to-one imitation of actual actions for the user.

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