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The UNIBOT Token represents an innovative cryptocurrency seeking to transform the dynamics of chatbot interactions. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, it empowers users to incentivize chatbots that offer valuable, engaging, and entertaining services. Additionally, the UNIBOT Token facilitates developers in monetizing their chatbot designs and accessing a worldwide community of chatbot enthusiasts.

Functioning as the primary currency within the UNIBOT ecosystem, it fuels a decentralized network of AI-driven chatbots. This platform serves as a bridge connecting users and developers while offering an array of tools and support to craft, launch, and enhance chatbot experiences.

What is Unibot?

Unibot represents a Telegram bot facilitating direct crypto token trading on Uniswap v3 through the Telegram messaging app. Developed by Diamond Protocol, a DeFi protocol concentrating on on-chain structured products, Unibot serves as a Leveraged Liquidity Provision (LLP) platform tailored for Uniswap v3.

This Telegram trading bot enables users to trade various crypto tokens by providing one asset while borrowing the more volatile token of the trading pair from the Unibot Pool. This methodology significantly enhances liquidity management and grants users increased trading flexibility.

Previously, liquidity providers needed to supply both assets of a trading pair to ensure liquidity. However, with Unibot, this requirement is eliminated as liquidity from Uniswap v3, combined with the borrowed volatile asset from Unibot, is sufficient for trading purposes.

Founders of UniBot

Ayden and his partner are the owners of Unibot. Prior to Unibot, Ayden had a background at Apple, while his partner was involved in a Bay Area, California-based startup specializing in end-to-end machine learning. Collaboratively, they are creating a user-friendly trading platform integrated with intelligent trading analysis tools.

How does Unibot Operate?

Unibot's LLP model diverges from the conventional approach of providing two cryptocurrencies as liquidity through liquidity pools. Instead, LPs can provide one token and borrow the other from the pool, resulting in a hedging effect for LPs as they can short the borrowed token, forming an LLP position.

Users can purchase, sell, or swap Ethereum-based tokens by specifying the contract pairs they wish to trade via the Telegram bot channel, along with the amount of ETH they intend to spend. Unibot then swiftly executes the trade by utilizing token pool contracts.

Unibot Features

Unibot boasts several distinctive features to enhance efficient trading for users:

  • Integration with Telegram: Unibot integrates seamlessly with Telegram, offering a user-friendly interface for traders to execute trades and access other features conveniently.

  • Swift Buy and Sell Platform: Facilitating rapid transactions, Unibot executes trades swiftly once users input their desired contract pairs and spending amounts.

  • Mirror Sniper: Users can list wallets of successful traders they wish to copy trade from, with Unibot monitoring and mirroring their transactions based on predetermined criteria.

  • Smart Method Sniper with Unibot Scanner: The Unibot token scanner is a robust tool employing smart method sniping to monitor newly deployed ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. It provides real-time data on recently launched tokens and queues them for immediate purchase when accessible, enabling users to capitalize on investment opportunities promptly.

  • Use of Multiple Wallets: Users can select from three different wallets when conducting trades, aiding effective strategy implementation for token purchases.

  • Profit and Loss Analysis: Unibot enables users to track their holdings' performance, manage profit and loss, and include gas fees in the total profit and loss calculation.

What are the Attributes of the UNIBOT Token?

  • Earning Revenue: Individuals possessing 10 or more UNIBOT tokens are eligible to receive earnings in ETH, without the need for staking or locking up their tokens. This includes 40% of all bot transaction fees and 2% of the traded UNIBOT volume. 
    To claim rewards, users must have a minimum accumulation of 0.1 ETH. Auto-compounding is enabled by default, meaning ETH rewards are automatically converted to UNIBOT, thereby increasing their share of the revenue.

  • Membership Benefits: Holders can access reduced fees based on their UNIBOT holdings and trading volumes, organized in a tiered system. As per Unibot’s FAQs, users can enjoy fee reductions ranging from 10% to 50%, depending on the tier they meet the criteria for.

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UniBot news

2 hours 2 minutes 50 seconds ago

Unibot Exploiter Swaps Stolen Crypto for Ether Via Tornado Cash

Unibot confirmed on X that it had suffered a token approval exploit in its new order router.