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UFO Gaming (UFO)

UFO Gaming positions itself as a decentralized gaming platform, introducing play-to-earn dynamics, NFT integration, and DeFi features such as staking. At the core of UFO Gaming's offerings is its inaugural game, Super Galactic, an RPG/arcade action game uniquely combined with an auto battler. While the platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, its games seamlessly integrate with Immutable X, a layer-two scaling solution tailored for NFT projects on the Ethereum network.

Engaging with UFO Gaming involves players minting playable characters in the form of NFTs known as UFOeps. This process is facilitated by farming in-game utility points called Plasma Points, utilizing the native UFO token. Players utilize their UFOeps to combat a hostile alien race within a scavenged world, undertaking missions to defend global peace and tranquility while reaping rewards from daily quests. UFOeps can also be leveled up and traded on the UFO Gaming marketplace.

Having concluded its launch phase in Q3 2021, UFO Gaming is presently in a growth phase, actively securing listings on various exchanges and establishing partnerships. Future plans include an expansion phase encompassing the launch of a marketplace, crossbreeding of different NFTs, the introduction of virtual land, and the official release of Super Galactic. Subsequent phases will witness the launch of a metaverse, partnership announcements with game studios, the introduction of new games, and the integration of a decentralized exchange (DEX) within the platform.


While the founders of UFO Gaming remain unidentified, they assert a track record of game development spanning six years, underlining their experience in the gaming industry. The team also positions itself as a crypto veteran, actively involved in the space since 2014. Guided by a long-term perspective, the team is dedicated to positioning UFO Gaming at the forefront of blockchain gaming innovation.

UFO Gaming has strategically forged significant partnerships, aligning with influential projects including Kadena, Merit Circle, Citizen X, Polygon, and ShibaSwap. These collaborations emphasize UFO Gaming's commitment to establishing impactful connections within the crypto and blockchain space, further solidifying its standing in the evolving landscape of decentralized gaming.

What Makes UFO Gaming Unique?

UFO Gaming distinguishes itself from other play-to-earn games by implementing a sophisticated in-game economy that seamlessly blends NFT minting and GameFi quests. The Cosmos Event, a key component, introduces players to the opportunity to mint Origin UFOeps, the rarest and most valuable NFTs in the ecosystem. The probability of minting an Origin UFOep decreases over time, creating a dynamic and evolving in-game economy. These exclusive NFTs can only be acquired with Plasma Points, equivalent to experience points, and are generated through the Super Galactic staking dApp.

To access the game, players need Plasma Points, which can be obtained by staking UFO tokens in a single-staking UFO vault or a UFO-ETH liquidity pool. The distribution is divided, with the $UFO single-stake pool holding 25% and the UFO-ETH LP pool holding the remaining 75% of the total pool.

UFOeps play a central role in Super Galactic, an RPG/arcade action/ARG game, where players engage in battles and the breeding of digital super soldiers. Each UFOep possesses a uniquely generated power force referred to as Spirit Force. Players who did not mint a UFOep have the option to purchase one using UAP, the game's third token designed for merging NFTs. UAP can also be earned by completing missions and daily quests, with a rating system rewarding players based on their daily interactions.

UFOeps follow a comprehensive rating system, featuring various classes that distinguish between higher-ranked and lower-ranked soldiers. New soldiers can be bred through the fusion of two existing ones, and the completion of daily quests contributes to improving a soldier's ranking, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

Network Security

UFO Gaming strategically leverages Immutable X, a layer-two scaling solution designed specifically for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Immutable X employs Zk-rollups, a technology that enables significantly higher transaction speeds compared to Ethereum, boasting a remarkable 9,000 transactions per second (tps). One distinctive feature of Immutable X is its operation with zero gas fees, ensuring a cost-efficient and user-friendly experience while maintaining robust security measures. This innovative approach positions Immutable X as a leading blockchain solution tailored for NFT-based games.

Within the UFO Gaming ecosystem, the UFO token operates as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This strategic integration enables UFO Gaming to benefit from the broader Ethereum network while capitalizing on the scalability and efficiency offered by Immutable X. The use of Zk-rollups not only accelerates transaction processing but also addresses the longstanding challenge of gas fees, contributing to a seamless and economically viable environment for users engaged in UFO Gaming's play-to-earn dynamics, NFT minting, and GameFi quests. UFO Gaming's choice of technology underscores its commitment to delivering an optimal gaming experience within the evolving landscape of decentralized gaming platforms.

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