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TokenFi (TOKEN) Price Live Chart

TokenFi (TOKEN)

TokenFi serves as a platform designed to enable users to easily initiate their own cryptocurrencies even without coding knowledge. Offering a smooth fundraising experience within the Floki community and the opportunity to establish connections with exchanges and market makers for improved liquidity, TokenFi stands as a significant advancement for the Floki ecosystem.

What Does TokenFi Offer?

TokenFi stands as a user-friendly platform dedicated to crypto and asset tokenization, enabling users to tokenize real-world assets (RWA) and create crypto tokens without the need for coding expertise or significant financial investment. It is an integral part of the Floki ecosystem, initially conceived to distribute TOKEN crypto rewards among the Floki community.

Launched in late October 2023 following a proposal within the Floki DAO for a staking program, TokenFi gained approval from the Floki community on Oct 24, 2023, swiftly propelling the project forward. 

TokenFi operates by utilizing TOKEN coins to incentivize users who stake FLOKI coins. Presently, TokenFi features one fully operational function: the Token Launcher, empowering users to effortlessly generate tokens akin to FLOKI without the necessity of coding. Additionally, TokenFi is actively developing various DeFi solutions.

Anticipated as one of its prime attributes, TokenFi aims to enable the conversion of real-world assets (RWA) into crypto tokens. This capability holds significant promise, as RWA tokenization essentially anchors physical assets to the blockchain. The RWA tokenization market, forecasted to be valued in trillions by 2030, presents a multi-billion-dollar industry, which TokenFi seeks to tap into to streamline asset tokenization globally.


TokenFi was introduced by the Floki team, known for their extensive experience and connections, having previously launched the widely popular Floki token, which achieved a peak valuation of $3.5 billion. They aim to utilize this expertise to establish TokenFi as the leading tokenization platform within the industry.

How TokenFi Functions?

TokenFi operates as a component of the Floki ecosystem, streamlining the process of tokenizing real-world assets and initiating crypto tokens without necessitating coding skills. Initially developed to allocate TOKEN crypto rewards to the Floki community, TokenFi's debut resulted in a $100 million surge in FLOKI's market capitalization within three days.

TokenFi provides various notable functionalities, notably the Token Launcher, empowering users to craft ERC-20 and BEP-20-compliant tokens with customizable attributes. Future plans include introducing an RWA Tokenization Module, facilitating the tokenization of non-security real-world assets like artwork and gold. The TokenFi Launchpad oversees technical aspects of fundraising, while an AI Smart Contract Auditor verifies the legitimacy of token launches.

Further incentivizing adoption, TokenFi features a referral program and user incentives. The TOKEN cryptocurrency serves as a staking reward for FLOKI holders and is obtainable through purchase on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. With its emphasis on asset tokenization, TokenFi stands poised to wield a substantial influence within the DeFi realm.

Key Features of TokenFi

  • TokenFi Launcher: Enabling the creation of ERC-20 and BEP-20 compliant tokens through a straightforward process, offering options like burn fees, buyback liquidity, treasury wallets, and the creation of liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

  • TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module: Future plans include the release of an RWA Tokenization Module, enabling users to convert RWAs (non-securities) into crypto tokens. This process will establish ownership proof for artworks, collectibles, and even commodities like gold on the blockchain.

  • TokenFi Launchpad: Designed to handle technical aspects of fundraising, allowing project creators to focus on networking and fundraising activities. Expected to be fully decentralized with robust security measures, though not yet fully implemented.

  • TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor: An upcoming feature aimed at ensuring the legitimacy of token launches and asset tokenization by providing on-the-spot smart contract audits, fostering community trust and deterring malicious activities within TokenFi's token generation process.

  • Referral Program and User Incentives: TokenFi aims to bolster industry adoption through user incentives, offering additional TOKEN rewards to users who refer others. Five percent of the total TOKEN coin supply is earmarked for this referral program.

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TokenFi news

19 hours 57 minutes 21 seconds ago

Floki surges 4% following announced campaign with TokenFi

Popular memecoin FLOKI surged nearly 4% in an hour following the announcement of a two-month marketing campaign with TokenFi in Hong Kong.