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Star Atlas Price (ATLAS)

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₹9.72 B

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All Time High : ₹19.5300

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₹148.72 M

Circulating Supply 15512800000
Max Supply 36000000000

Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Live Chart

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas, an expansive multiplayer online game set in a virtual gaming metaverse, unfolds against the backdrop of a futuristic science fiction realm in the year 2620. Developed on Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts cinema-quality, real-time environments. In this dynamic universe, three dominant factions vie for supremacy: MUD, representing humankind; ONI, a consortium of alien races; and Ustur, sentient androids.

Blending diverse genres, Star Atlas encompasses elements of strategy, requiring players to craft tactical plans for interaction with other factions. Exploration takes center stage, as an abundance of stars beckons for discovery and exploitation. The game also incorporates flight simulation, enabling independent travel and exploration of stars in a first-person perspective. Additionally, players engage in resource mining and role-playing to generate revenue.

Upon selecting a faction, players commence their journey in secure zones for initial exploration, progressing to medium-tier security zones where combat becomes a pivotal aspect. The core gameplay pillars encompass deep space exploration, combat, construction of space stations and ships, selection of in-game professions for resource mining, and the formation of alliances to dominate resource control.

One distinguishing feature is the ability to convert in-game assets into real-world currency, providing an intriguing economic dimension to the immersive Star Atlas experience.


Star Atlas, spearheaded by CEO Michael Wagner, COO Pablo Quiroga, CPO Danny Floyd, and CTO Jacob Floyd, boasts a leadership team with diverse backgrounds. Before establishing Star Atlas, Michael Wagner's professional journey included roles at a venture capital fund and Multichain Ventures, where he contributed to the development of blockchain-centric products. Pablo Quiroga, the COO and co-founder, previously founded a supplement startup and had a background in biotechnology prior to his involvement in Star Atlas. This dynamic team brings a wealth of experience, blending expertise from venture capital, blockchain technology, biotechnology, and entrepreneurial ventures to drive the vision and execution of Star Atlas in the ever-evolving landscape of virtual gaming and metaverse development.

What Makes Star Atlas Unique?

Star Atlas distinguishes itself by envisioning a groundbreaking metaverse gaming experience that seamlessly merges multiple genres while introducing a unique economic dimension. Unlike its counterparts, Star Atlas ambitiously combines cinema-quality gameplay with the revolutionary concept of earning virtual assets convertible into real-world currency. Notably, it outshines competitors by offering an unprecedented blend of gameplay possibilities. While some blockchain games allow earning through staking, battling for virtual assets, or exploration and alliances, Star Atlas stands alone in integrating all these features simultaneously.

The game employs the ATLAS token as in-game currency for acquiring assets, and players can further invest in NFTs representing ships and other in-game equipment through a dedicated NFT marketplace. Players can adopt various professions, such as bounty hunters or pirates, contributing to diverse roles on spaceships. Spaceships, in turn, can pool resources, enabling both individual and collective competition. These decentralized autonomous corporations can even construct entire space cities with micro-economies, where the POLIS token serves as a governance token for both city management and broader game-related decisions.

Star Atlas also innovates by introducing an NFT marketplace with a release schedule for trading in-game assets. Integrated with the Serum DEX, ATLAS token holders gain additional options to provide liquidity or trade their holdings. This multifaceted approach positions Star Atlas as a trailblazer in the metaverse, redefining the possibilities for immersive gameplay and economic engagement.

How Is the Star Atlas Network Secured?

Star Atlas has opted for the Solana blockchain to establish its network, a choice driven by Solana's exceptional transaction speed and minimal transaction fees, positioning it as the sole blockchain capable of accommodating the ambitious scope of the game. Solana, functioning as a layer one blockchain, employs a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with partial Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The network comprises 1500 nodes distributed globally, showcasing the ability to process up to an impressive 50,000 transactions per second at peak performance.

Setting itself apart from slower blockchains, Solana achieves its remarkable processing capabilities through a series of coordinated optimizations. The network's multi-threaded transaction processing approach enhances efficiency, contributing to its rapid transaction execution. This advanced technology forms a robust foundation for Star Atlas, ensuring a secure and seamless gaming experience. By leveraging Solana's capabilities, Star Atlas not only benefits from accelerated transaction times but also enjoys the cost-effectiveness of minuscule transaction fees, reinforcing the blockchain's suitability for hosting a complex and innovative metaverse game.

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