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SingularityDAO (SDAO) Price Live Chart

SingularityDAO (SDAO)

SingularityDAO functions as an authentic Decentralized Autonomous Organization aiming to streamline entry into the cryptocurrency market.

SingularityDAO has developed pioneering decentralized, non-custodial baskets of tokens known as DynaSets. These are managed by a team of traders initially, with the intention to gradually transfer primary control to sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. These AI systems, utilized extensively in Wall Street trading, represent an unprecedented advancement in the crypto domain.

What exactly is SingularityDAO?

SingularityDAO represents a DeFi protocol utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to oversee market trends and assist investors in managing their assets. One of its primary methods involves the implementation of dynasets, which are actively managed trading pairs.

Established in May 2021, the project showcases transparent team profiles on its website, initiated by co-founders Marcello Mari and Mario Casiraghi. Presently, the leadership team comprises five individuals, encompassing an AI scientist, a Marketing Head, and a Product Lead.

SingularityDAO is experiencing rapid growth, currently seeking candidates for 14 remote positions. The project has secured $5 million in funding to further its development and is presently in the open beta stage, allowing anyone to explore and utilize its functionalities.

What distinguishes SingularityDAO is its mission to provide professional-grade tools for crypto investments to everyone, not solely reserved for prominent entities. Their aim is to democratize access to investing tools for the broader market. Previously, these tools were exclusive to accredited and institutional investors through platforms like Grayscale or Van Eck Investment funds.

Founders & Partners

In August 2017, three visionaries joined forces to establish a decentralized marketplace, managed by users, leveraging blockchain technology to unite various artificial intelligences and form diverse AI teams with extensive capabilities. 

By December 2017, a larger group achieved a groundbreaking moment in blockchain history by orchestrating one of the quickest token launches ever recorded, amassing $36 million within a mere 66 seconds. This triumphant funding initiative successfully fueled the creation of the SingularityNET ecosystem as we recognize it today.

Fast forward to August 2020, pivotal members of the original team reunited to conceive SingularityDAO, an inclusively governed platform poised to merge AI and DeFi, marking the advent of the inaugural AI-DeFi endeavor. The realization of a pioneering initiative such as SingularityDAO necessitates robust partnerships. 

Notably, SingularityDAO enjoys the backing of prominent venture capital and investment entities, including but not limited to AlphaBit, Genesis Block Ventures, SMO Capital, and several others among the world's leading firms.

Technology & Functionalities

SingularityDAO harnesses the capabilities of Data Science, Quantitative Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to efficiently distribute assets and dynamically oversee portfolios, all while upholding the decentralized principles of DeFi. 

Upon depositing funds into DynaSets, users obtain LP tokens that represent their stake in the set, granting them complete control over their cryptocurrency assets. Key Features:

  • DynaSets: These are dynamically managed token sets governed by the Dynamic Asset Manager, employing advanced trading strategies to reduce volatility and maximize Alpha.

  • Launchpad: Serves as the primary platform for all token launches within the SingularityNET Ecosystem and other intriguing projects.

  • Vaults: Functions as the core of traditional DeFi activities like Staking and Yield Farming, enabling the generation of APR on Ecosystem tokens.

  • DEX: Allows for token swapping, and liquidity provision, and facilitates interoperability across different blockchain networks.

  • The DAO: By staking SDAO tokens, individuals can participate in the DAO, contributing to shaping the future of SingularityDAO.

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