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Radio Caca (RACA)

RACA, a web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider, has garnered support from OKX Blockdream Ventures and Consensys Mesh's Tachyon accelerator. In July 2021, RACA introduced its first web 3.0 product, a collection of NFTs featuring profile picture-style artwork for Maye Musk, Elon Musk's mother. Impressively, RACA generated $142 million in revenue from NFT drops throughout 2021.

Their NFT marketplace was launched in September 2021, rapidly accumulating a trading volume surpassing 682 billion RACA (equivalent to about $1.3 billion based on April 6 prices) within just seven months. Additionally, they established an NFT marketplace within the Metamon Island ecosystem on BNB/ETH chains. In March 2022 alone, the trading volume on this platform reached 3 billion RACA, approximately $60 million. Furthermore, the Metamon game characters have already reached a count of 500,000 and engaged in around 1.2 billion battles over the past six months.

The United States of Mars (USM), their expansive 3D Metaverse on the BNBChain/ETH, was launched in December 2021 and attracted more than 30,000 registered wallet users within the first 30 days of March 2022. RACA has established a significant presence with over 20 language communities, a substantial Twitter following of 660K, 510K Telegram members, and an active Discord community with 90K members.


Jeff Watney, an entrepreneur hailing from California, established RACA in May 2021, co-founding the project and playing a pivotal role from its outset. Renowned rapper French Montana, also known for co-founding Jaz DID, is a Grammy-nominated artist who has embraced the cryptocurrency movement. He is affiliated with RACA and has emphasized the significance of blockchain technology for artists worldwide. Sandy Cole, noted as the founder of RACA on her LinkedIn profile, is associated with the project, although additional details about her engagement remain limited. Meanwhile, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and an advisor for Huobi Global, is well-versed in the cryptocurrency and blockchain realm. With an extensive background in this field, he has shared insights into the achievements of Dominica's decentralized identity initiative.

What makes it unique?

RACA stands out as a blockchain-based Web3 gaming ecosystem with distinct attributes. Notably, it secured a substantial $16 million investment from DWF Labs, a market maker and investment firm, which bolsters its ambition to evolve into a comprehensive Web3 gaming ecosystem. RACA introduces its proprietary RACA token, a BEP-20 coin on the Binance Smart Chain, fulfilling roles in DAO governance and virtual gameplay. Within its offerings, the Metaverse platform facilitates avatar creation, customization, interaction among players, and engagement in a range of games and activities, aiming to deliver an immersive gaming experience. By implementing staking and farming mechanisms, RACA enables users to reap rewards by holding and staking RACA tokens, effectively promoting ecosystem participation and growth. Moreover, RACA employs a unique approach whereby users can stake RACA coins to access exclusive in-game benefits and content, enhancing the appeal for users to be active within the ecosystem. While one source suggests a centralized security architecture for RACA, it is crucial to acknowledge that this information remains unverified by other credible sources, potentially warranting further verification.

Network security

According to a security assessment report by Certik, RACA subjected its smart contracts to thorough testing against both common and uncommon attack vectors. Additionally, the codebase underwent evaluation to ensure alignment with contemporary best practices, indicating RACA's commitment to smart contract security.

Although a single source suggests the presence of a centralized security architecture in RACA, this assertion should be considered with caution as it lacks corroboration from reputable sources, potentially necessitating further verification.

Cryptographic hashing serves as a fundamental element of cybersecurity across significant cryptocurrency protocols, including Bitcoin. Its purpose is to maintain the integrity of data on both public and private blockchains, upholding the robustness of the system.

Permissioned blockchains offer participants the ability to regulate the consensus mechanism's participants within the network. This control over consensus participation helps users manage access to their digital identity's data, heightening both security and data accessibility within the blockchain context.

Recent developments 

In April 2023, RACA received a substantial $16 million investment from DWF Labs to facilitate the advancement of its Web3 gaming ecosystem. This investment encompasses the acquisition of an unspecified quantity of RACA tokens, signifying a noteworthy boost for RACA's development prospects. Formerly recognized as Radio Caca, RACA commenced its journey by managing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk. The company has already introduced various products, including a sandbox game akin to SimCity called USM.WORLD, a social party game named Looki Looki Jazzi, a cross-game decentralized identity (DID) wallet titled JAZ, and an NFT marketplace. Utilized for both DAO governance and virtual gameplay, the RACA token serves a pivotal role in the ecosystem. DWF Labs' investment stands to reinforce RACA's pursuit of evolving into a comprehensive and expansive Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Future developments 

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