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Radicle Price (RAD)

₹ 246.5200000000 0.65 %

Low : ₹ 222.0600 High : ₹ 233.7500

Market Cap

₹11.57 B

-0.2279 %

All Time High : ₹2062.8800

All Time Low : ₹100.1000


₹1.33 B

Circulating Supply 49829100
Max Supply 100000000

Radicle & Radworks (RAD) Price Live Chart

Radicle & Radworks (RAD)

$RAD serves as the Ethereum-based token fueling the Radworks ecosystem, which operates as a community-driven entity. Radworks focuses on sponsoring innovative, robust, and decentralized technologies aimed at nurturing online liberty. This initiative is responsible for Radicle, an independent peer-to-peer network facilitating code collaboration using Git, and Drips, an Ethereum-powered solution for sharing and dividing funds in a peer-to-peer manner.

What Is Radicle & Radworks (RAD)?

Radworks stands as a community-led platform aiming to foster online liberty through the creation and support of innovative, open technologies. At its core, Radicle serves as a peer-to-peer platform facilitating code collaboration via Git, while Drips, utilizing Ethereum, offers a decentralized solution for sharing and dividing funds. Governed in a decentralized manner, Radworks operates with the $RAD token, emphasizing its commitment to advancing freedom, privacy, and decentralization in technology. Its primary goal is to empower developers and innovators to collaborate freely, nurturing an environment that values durability, sustainability, and accessibility.


Monadic, a software company based in Berlin, established Radworks. Originally named Radicle, it aimed to revolutionize open-source software collaboration through protocols. The Radicle Foundation emerged in 2021 to oversee its development. With the launch of $RAD, the network's governance token, RadicleDAO formed, enabling $RAD holders to manage the project's Treasury and smart contracts. By May 2023, the project split into Radicle and Drips, independent DAO-supported entities within Radworks. Presently, the community collaboratively oversees Radworks' Treasury, backing organizations aligned with its mission.

Working Mechanism 

Radworks functions using a decentralized governance structure, driven by the $RAD governance token. This setup empowers the community to influence the network's direction and the projects it backs. Within Radworks, there are different Orgs, representing various contributor groups backed by its treasury. For an Org to receive support, it needs to submit annual budget proposals through Radworks' governance. Each Org enjoys the independence to pick its governance models, manage resources, and oversee its operations. Currently, Radworks focuses on fostering two technologies: Radicle, a peer-to-peer platform for code collaboration, and Drips, a solution enabling peer-to-peer fund sharing and distribution.

UseCases / Uniqueness

Radworks' goal is to nurture and bolster the advancement of uncensorable and decentralized technologies, empowering creators and builders to collaborate freely. The network primarily focuses on two key initiatives: Radicle and Drips. Radicle functions as a peer-to-peer platform facilitating decentralized code collaboration. Conversely, Drips serves as a peer-to-peer solution for sharing and splitting funds, creating new avenues for developers to acquire resources from their users and backers. By endorsing and supporting the creators behind these innovations, Radworks aims to play a role in shaping a more decentralized future for software development.

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