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Portal (PORTAL)

Portal is a gaming platform within the Web3 realm, akin to Valve Corporation’s Steam, designed to streamline gamers’ engagement with blockchain-based gaming. Its objective is to simplify entry into the blockchain gaming sector for newcomers by removing the hurdles associated with navigating diverse Web3 applications and games.

Beyond boasting a catalog of more than 200 games, Portal facilitates exploration and delivers tailored suggestions. Through nurturing an active community, Portal aims to forge connections among gamers, developers, and content creators, fostering a dynamic Web3 gaming environment.

What is PORTAL?

The goal of Portal is to bring together games and gamers across different blockchain networks via its cross-chain token platform, creating a cohesive Web3 gaming environment. Collaborating with LayerZero, Portal facilitates a seamless multi-chain experience, linking disparate Web3 games with fresh players through an intuitive user interface.

Portal's technology provides gamers with access to a wide range of titles and streamlines game distribution, making it easier for Web2 gamers to transition into the Web3 realm.

Founders & Team

The Portal team comprises members from the crypto startup SuperDuper, creators of the Creepz NFT project on Ethereum, alongside experienced professionals from Rockstar Games and Electronic Arts in the video game industry. The project is being represented by the well-known Hollywood agency WME.

Fundamentals of PORTAL

  • Mission: Portal strives to narrow the divide between conventional gamers and the realm of decentralization. Its objective is to introduce newcomers by providing gaming experiences they are accustomed to, infused with the advantages of blockchain technology.

  • Ecosystem: Portal's interoperability across various blockchains facilitates the smooth transfer of assets and data, enhancing accessibility and nurturing innovation within the ecosystem.

  • Token Utility: PORTAL powers the Portal ecosystem, serving as the primary token for in-game transactions, staking rewards, governance involvement, and platform fees.

As Portal (PORTAL) was launched very recently on February 29th, 2024, comprehensive statistics are not yet available. However, I can offer what information is currently accessible and direct you to additional resources for further investigation.

Use Cases of PORTAL Token

  • In-game transactions: Utilized for acquiring items, skins, and additional in-game possessions.

  • Staking incentives: Accumulate PORTAL through staking tokens already in possession.

  • Engage in governance: Contribute to voting processes concerning pivotal platform choices.

  • Platform charges: Cover expenses for transactions and various platform engagements.

Latest Developments

More news updates are on the way... Stay tuned!

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Portal news

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Portal’s Cross-Chain Gaming Token Lands on Binance

Crypto gaming platform Portal just made a significant move by listing its cross-chain gaming token, $PORTAL, on Binance.