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PolkaBridge Price (PBR)

₹ 6.0230000000 4.53 %

Low : ₹ 5.3600 High : ₹ 6.5200

Market Cap

₹0.41 B

3.6329 %

All Time High : ₹293.8300

All Time Low : ₹1.4700


₹93.49 M

Circulating Supply 72183400
Max Supply --

PolkaBridge (PBR) Price Live Chart

PolkaBridge (PBR)

PolkaBridge operates as a decentralized cross-chain protocol with a primary mission to serve as the principal bridge connecting Polkadot with various other blockchains. In addition to its bridging capabilities, the protocol is poised to introduce supporting decentralized finance (DeFi) features, enhancing its overall functionality. While currently functioning on the Ethereum blockchain, PolkaBridge has plans to migrate to the Polkadot blockchain in the near future, with the flexibility to incorporate support for additional chains as needed.

At the core of the PolkaBridge ecosystem is the native asset, the PBR token, presently an ERC-20 token on Ethereum but with imminent plans for introduction on the Polkadot blockchain. The PBR token plays a pivotal role within the ecosystem, serving various purposes such as facilitating transactional activity, acting as staking collateral, providing staking rewards, participating in Launchpad Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), serving as a base asset for cross-chain swaps, and contributing to lending and prediction functionalities.

PolkaBridge's platform modules include the innovative PolkaBridge Farming, a distinctive deflationary farming system that doesn't rely on inflation for rewarding stakers. Instead, it allocates parts of every transaction as a deposit for staking rewards pools, and a portion of each transaction is burned. Additionally, the PolkaBridge Launchpad operates as an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) platform, nurturing promising projects and affording PBR holders the opportunity to engage in early-stage investment opportunities.


PolkaBridge is managed by a predominantly anonymous team, hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds and possessing varied areas of expertise. While the individual identities of the team members remain largely undisclosed, a common thread is their extensive experience within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Despite maintaining a degree of anonymity, the team collectively brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over a considerable duration of involvement in the dynamic and evolving landscape of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This amalgamation of diverse perspectives and seasoned professionals underscores the commitment of the PolkaBridge team to navigate the complexities of the decentralized cross-chain protocol space, demonstrating a dedication to driving innovation and functionality within the project.

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