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Ondo (ONDO) Price Live Chart

Ondo (ONDO)

ONDO is the native token of Ondo Finance, a Coinbase-backed securities tokenization initiative that is marketed as having higher liquidity than traditional markets. 

It is also the native token of Flux Finance, a lending protocol designed to give DeFi natives a piece of the action by paying them yields for lending their stablecoins to qualified investors who utilize the stablecoins to obtain exposure to Ondo's tokenized assets.

What is Ondo Finance (ONDO)?

Ondo Finance is a blockchain finance platform that offers customers tokenized copies of real-world assets. Investors can examine institutional-grade securities headquartered in the United States using Ondo's decentralized finance system.

Ondo Finance aspires to create the next generation of financial infrastructure by combining the traditional financial system with cutting-edge blockchain technology. By integrating these two concepts, Ondo Finance hopes to build a more efficient and accessible market.

History of ONDO

The inception of Ondo traces back to the vision of Nathan Allman, an alumnus of Stanford University, whose expertise lies in economics and business. Prior to launching Ondo, Allman garnered experience at established financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and ChainStreet Capital. It was during his tenure within hedge funds that he developed a keen interest in cryptocurrency.

Recognizing a palpable necessity for innovation within the finance sector, Allman discerned that despite the immense potential of cryptocurrency, numerous financial entities remained entrenched in conventional practices. Thus, Ondo emerged as a conduit for amalgamating traditional financial markets with web3 finance. 

Working on ONDO Token

The core of the Ondo Finance system centers on the concept of tokenizing assets. It collaborates with prominent companies like BlackRock and Pimco, which manage exchange-traded funds comprising diverse securities, from government money market funds to high-yield corporate bonds.

Ondo Finance acquires shares in these assets and utilizes its proprietary blockchain technology to tokenize fund shares. Each token's worth fluctuates in tandem with the underlying real-world assets. Through Ondo, users can engage in the trading of U.S.-based securities by buying and selling these tokenized representations of real-world assets, bypassing the need to directly invest in exchange-traded funds through traditional hedge managers.

Features of ONDO Token

Ondo Finance offers its features through several tiers, catering to different preferences and locations.

  • General-Access Products: These are available to all users, requiring no deep involvement in other Ondo Finance services such as lending protocols or short-term bonds.

  • Qualified-Access Products: Reserved for eligible users, typically institutional-grade investors seeking innovative opportunities like short-term bond investments.

  • Flux Finance: This platform provides decentralized lending protocols backed by stable collateral like the OUSG government bond fund. Users can deposit stablecoins like USDC and receive fStables for leveraged trading or other DeFi strategies.

  • Ondo Token Bridge: Facilitates seamless token transfers across exchanges and blockchains, ensuring security while allowing users to move their tokens effortlessly.

  • Ondo Token Converter: Enables users to convert their earnings from yield-bearing Ondo Finance tokens into various forms. Users can deposit USDC to receive USDY tokens, with additional USDY tokens accruing as yield accumulates. Additionally, users can obtain tokens with increasing redemption value as yield is earned.

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Ondo news

23 hours 31 minutes 59 seconds ago

Investors pile in to ‘real-world asset’ token ONDO as volume tops $1bn

Trade volume for Ondo Finance’s newly-launched governance token topped $1 billion in its first week, a sign investors have high hopes for projects seeking to tokenize real-world assets such as stocks and bonds.