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Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol leverages an amalgamation of blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and cryptographic methodologies to enable secure and privacy-centric data sharing. The primary objective is to develop a comprehensive set of tools and services that foster the emergence of a new Data Economy. This paradigm empowers data owners with control over their data while simultaneously safeguarding privacy, thereby catalyzing the commercialization of data, including the establishment of data marketplaces.

Founded with a vision to pioneer technology at the confluence of blockchain, data, and artificial intelligence, Ocean Protocol is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of the emerging Data Economy. The organization has been instrumental in introducing innovative technologies that push the boundaries of possibility in this domain. This includes groundbreaking contributions such as the original patent for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), token engineering, and the concept of data tokens. By spearheading these advancements, Ocean Protocol aims to redefine the landscape of data exchange, ensuring that it aligns with principles of security, privacy, and owner control, thereby fostering a more efficient and equitable data ecosystem.


The founders of Ocean Protocol bring together profound expertise encompassing big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data exchanges, complemented by practical business acumen gained through hands-on experiences as entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists. Their collective knowledge and diverse skill sets form a robust foundation for driving innovation at the intersection of these dynamic fields.

In addition to the core founding team, Ocean Protocol benefits from the guidance and insights of over 35 advisors distributed globally. These advisors contribute a wealth of recognized expertise across various domains, including AI, blockchain, big data, business, and policy. The selection of advisors was a meticulous process, driven by a shared commitment to unlocking the potential of data and AI for the betterment of society. The alignment of values among the advisors underscores a common vision aimed at harnessing the transformative power of technology to create a positive societal impact. With this collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, Ocean Protocol is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of its mission, drawing upon the collective wisdom of its founders and advisors to drive advancements at the forefront of the data and AI landscape.

What Makes Ocean Protocol Unique?

Ocean Protocol serves as a gateway to previously inaccessible or challenging-to-obtain data by enabling individuals in possession of valuable datasets to tokenize and share them on the Ocean Market. This innovative approach not only creates an additional revenue stream for data publishers but also extends access to more dependable data for scientists, researchers, data analysts, and other stakeholders. Through Ocean Protocol, the platform equips organizations with the necessary tools to establish and launch their own data markets. This can be achieved either by directly forking the Ocean Protocol or utilizing the provided Ocean Protocol React hooks, with comprehensive documentation available to guide the process.

Furthermore, OCEAN token holders have the opportunity to enhance their engagement by locking their tokens at and earning VeOcean. Subsequently, holders can opt for passive rewards by retaining their VeOcean or actively engage in earning rewards by staking their VeOcean, potentially participating in the sale of datasets to earn additional rewards. This multifaceted approach not only fosters a vibrant data-sharing ecosystem but also creates avenues for token holders to participate actively and passively in the Ocean Protocol network, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the platform.

Network security

Ocean Protocol employs a fusion of blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and cryptographic methodologies to facilitate secure and privacy-preserving data sharing. The operational framework of Ocean Protocol can be outlined as follows:

Asset Registration: Data providers register their data assets on the Ocean blockchain, providing on-chain metadata that encompasses details about the asset, its usage terms, and pricing information.

Discovery and Access Control: Potential data consumers utilize decentralized metadata services, such as Aquarius, to discover available data assets. Access control mechanisms, implemented through smart contracts, verify consumer permissions and facilitate the issuance of data access tokens.

Secure Data Exchange: Upon the purchase of access to a data asset, the data provider encrypts the asset's metadata and access instructions using the Provider service. The encrypted asset is securely transferred to the consumer, who can decrypt and utilize it without exposing the asset's URL.

Compute-to-Data (C2D): Ocean Protocol supports Compute-to-Data capabilities, enabling data consumers to perform computations on data assets without direct access to the raw data. These computing operations occur in a secure and controlled environment, ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Incentives and Governance: Ocean Protocol incorporates tokenomics and a governance framework to incentivize participants and ensure the sustainability and evolution of the ecosystem. Participants can earn and stake OCEAN tokens to acquire veOCEAN, curate data, contribute to the network, and participate in governance decisions.

In addition to these fundamental components, Ocean Protocol integrates advanced technologies and web components to establish a resilient and efficient data ecosystem.

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