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Entangle (NGL) Price Live Chart

Entangle (NGL)

Entangle represents a pioneering messaging Infrastructure tailored to integrate web3 seamlessly while enhancing ecosystem liquidity. Offering authenticated, customizable, and interoperable data secured on the blockchain with comprehensive security options, Entangle caters to builders and dApps.

By establishing a foundation to enhance liquidity and expand the reach of any interconnected application across various blockchains, Entangle opens up a multitude of scalable possibilities for web3 and the Internet. Leveraging customizable data sets from diverse chains or sources, unlocks numerous scalable use cases.

What is NGL?

Entangle presents a blockchain-driven messaging framework tailored for cross-communication among distinct blockchain networks. Employing a suite of cohesive tools and protocols, it facilitates the efficient transfer of data and assets across diverse blockchain platforms.

Positioned as an advanced DeFi protocol, Entangle endeavors to overcome the fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems, facilitating smooth liquidity transfers. At the core of this ecosystem lies the $NGL token, essential for powering various operations within the Entangle network.

History of NGL

Entangle, established in 2021 by Faisal Mehrban, a British banker with a rich background in esteemed institutions such as JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Deutsche Bank, addresses a critical issue discovered during Mehrban's tenure as a digital assets consultant: the lack of interoperability hindering web3 adoption. Many users were reluctant to explore DeFi due to the perceived necessity of mastering different systems for various tasks.

Mehrban, alongside financial and cryptocurrency experts, embarked on a quest to resolve this issue. Presently, Entangle boasts a team of 17 dedicated developers, engineers, and professionals. The company has successfully completed two funding rounds, accumulating over $4 million in investments.

Working of NGL

The Entangle protocol presents an Oracle solution designed to migrate off-chain entities onto the blockchain. Facilitating the transfer of data and assets across deployed chains, Entangle leverages its proprietary Photon Messaging Protocol layer alongside its consensus mechanism. This architecture enables cross-chain operations through the following steps:

  • Upon user initiation of a transaction within a DApp, the DApp forwards the request to a group of transmitters operating on the Photon Messaging Protocol layer.

  • These transmitters subsequently relay the request to Entangle's controller smart contracts.

  • Entangle's consensus mechanisms validate the cross-chain transaction.

  • Following verification by the consensus mechanism, Entangle's blockchain dispatches the request to a conductor agent.

  • The conductor agent then communicates the information to circuit smart contracts on the designated DApp or blockchain.

  • The targeted DApp or blockchain executes the necessary operations, concluding the transaction process.

Features of NGL

The Entangle ecosystem encompasses more than just a bespoke oracle solution, offering a range of cross-chain functionalities to cater to diverse customer needs.

  • Liquid Vaults: Liquid Vaults, a DeFi service within the Entangle ecosystem, simplifies the process for liquidity providers to stake yield-bearing assets. Leveraging the Entangle framework, users can consolidate their liquidity provision assets into a single repository, enhancing capital efficiency. Borrowers gain access to these pooled assets, fostering sticky liquidity and promoting liquidity retention.

  • Tailored Price Feeds: In addition to liquidity provision and fragmentation, Entangle prioritizes enhanced cross-chain communication. Entangle's custom oracles facilitate access to price data without incurring high gas fees. These oracles enable applications to fetch prices from various chains, offering flexibility in data frequency to suit individual preferences.

  • Photon Messaging Protocol: The Photon Messaging Protocol transforms Entangle's foundational Photon layer into a communication conduit for the DeFi landscape. This cross-chain messaging system facilitates not only data aggregation but also the creation of an interconnected DeFi ecosystem. DApps can seamlessly integrate diverse data sources and payment processors through this protocol.

  • Versatile Data Feeds: Universal data feeds, an integral facet of Entangle's offerings, customize the Oracle solution for developers' specific requirements. This tailored solution incorporates a mix of Web 2.0 and web3 data, available in both push and pull formats to optimize gas fee savings for users leveraging Entangle data feeds.

Recent Developments

In recent years, Entangle has concentrated on crafting its protocol and establishing a fully functional system. Throughout much of early 2024, the Entangle Oracle solution will undergo testing on a testnet to identify any bugs and ensure the accurate aggregation of data while enhancing capital efficiency.

Entangle is scheduled to unveil its public blockchain and mainnet sometime between April 4 and April 14, 2024. Following the deployment of these chains, Entangle's focus will shift towards incorporating additional features. 

This includes the implementation of a staking program for fragmented liquidity, enhancing the bridge front end, and refining messaging capabilities. Moreover, Entangle's 2024 roadmap encompasses the official launch of several DApps developed on its protocol, such as Liquid Vaults for yield-bearing assets and siloed liquidity.

Future Developments

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Entangle Teams Up With Google Cloud to Accelerate Web3 Interoperability.

Entangle, the Customizable and Interoperable Data Infrastructure Built for Web3 and Institutions, today announced a strategic , partnership with Google Cloud, aimed at fortifying the scalability, resilience, accessibility of the Entangle Blockchain and Data Infrastructure.