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Myria Price (MYRIA)

₹ 0.8316000000 2.30 %

Low : ₹ 0.7557 High : ₹ 0.7978

Market Cap

₹13.78 B

2.7172 %

All Time High : ₹1.3900

All Time Low : ₹0.0961


₹180.43 M

Circulating Supply 17429200000
Max Supply 50000000000

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Myria (MYRIA)

Myria is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution developed in partnership with StarkWare, designed to scale NFTs and blockchain gaming. Using Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology, it offers fast trade confirmations, zero gas fees for NFT activities, and maintains user asset security. Myria's L2 can handle up to 9,000 transactions per section (TPS).

Myria L2, powered by StarkWare's prover, aggregates layer 2 transactions into single Ethereum transactions, boosting throughput and reducing costs. Its developer tools, including APIs and a Domain Specific Language, make smart contract interaction accessible to developers of all levels.

Myria's platform aims to eliminate the security scalability tradeoff and simplify blockchain development with a comprehensive suite of tools. The Partner division supports third-party developers, while Myria Studios focuses on blockchain gaming experiences.

The MYRIA token is an ERC-20 utility token for transactions on Myria's Layer 2 scaling protocol and in-game utilities. It contributes to a circular economy, fueling ecosystem growth.


Myria operates as an exclusive marketplace for unlisted goods and services, catering to ultra-high-net-worth individuals. The team behind Myria includes Rey Flemings, Brendan Duhamel, Ivan Fortunov, Davin Potts, Jared Lyons, Nancy J. Price, and Stephen Handley. Rey Flemings holds the position of CEO and co-founder, while Brendan Duhamel is also recognized as a co-founder. Stephen Handley, among the founders, brings a software industry background and experience in early-stage startup components such as UI/UX design and back-end architecture.

What makes it unique?

Exclusive Marketplace: Myria functions as a private platform for off-market goods and services that are not readily accessible through traditional online channels. This provides users with access to premium offerings that are otherwise hard to find.

L2 Scaling Solution: Myria employs an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that leverages zero-knowledge technology, specifically zk-STARKs with StarkEx. This innovative approach bundles multiple L2 transactions into a single unit, sending a validity proof to the primary blockchain for Ethereum's L1 security. This unique technology ensures scalability and efficiency.

Unprecedented Access: Myria grants users the opportunity to discover and access off-market opportunities that have never been available for online purchase before. This is made possible by assuring sellers that Myria's members possess the means and willingness to conduct transactions in line with the sellers' criteria.

Enhanced Member Experience: Myria's design aims to enhance members' lives by encouraging them to enjoy more fulfilling experiences and make a greater impact.

Governance Mechanism: Holders of the MYRIA token hold the authority to influence the future course of Myria. The introduction of a governance system allows MYRIA token holders to participate in decision-making concerning potential development directions and the overall strategic trajectory of the ecosystem.

Network security

Myria is constructed upon the Ethereum blockchain, which is renowned for its extensive decentralization and robust security features. By utilizing Ethereum's network, Myria capitalizes on its security measures and broad user base.

The Ethereum L2 scaling solution employed by Myria makes use of zero-knowledge technology, particularly zk-STARKs in conjunction with StarkEx. Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographic methods that facilitate data verification without disclosing the actual information. This implementation heightens transaction security and privacy within the Myria network.

The collaboration between Myria and StarkWare, a company specializing in zero-knowledge-proof technology, underscores Myria's reliance on StarkWare's expertise in developing secure and scalable solutions.

In terms of asset security, users retain control over the security of their assets through the Myria wallet. Although specific details concerning the wallet's security measures are not explicitly provided, this indicates that users possess the capability to safeguard their assets within the Myria ecosystem.

Recent developments 

Myria has launched the Myria Developer Grants Program, a significant initiative aimed at supporting blockchain gaming projects and promoting the growth of the Myria ecosystem. This program is intended to assist developers who want to build games on the Myria Web3 blockchain gaming platform, offering benefits like free NFT minting, zero gas fees, and instant transactions.

The program provides direct funding opportunities for developers to apply for up to $500,000 in MYRIA tokens to support their game development ventures. These grants can cover various aspects of game creation, including coding, design, and marketing. Funding will be unlocked in stages as projects achieve milestones outlined in their roadmap.

Participating in projects in the Myria Developer Grants Program will not only receive financial support but also gain access to direct assistance from the Myria team, which encompasses areas such as gameplay design, economy design, tokenomics, marketing, and token listing.

Developers interested in the grants program can apply by submitting their game development plans via the Myria website. The application should outline the game concept, gameplay, design, and target audience. There are no genre restrictions, encouraging innovation and creativity. Successful applicants will receive funding directly from the Myria Ecosystem Fund, fostering collaboration among developers, gamers, node operators, and other participants on the Myria platform.

The Myria Developer Grants Program is expected to provide valuable support for game developers seeking to leverage Myria's platform. By supplying essential funding at different development stages, the program aims to enable developers to create engaging and innovative games that capitalize on Web3 trends and the benefits of Myria's Layer 2 scaling solution and zk rollups technology.

Future developments 

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