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Monsta Infinite (MONI)

Monsta Infinite stands as an NFT and play-to-earn game drawing inspiration from Axie Infinity, operating on the Binance Smart Chain. It intertwines a turn-based card battle structure with a match-three puzzle mechanism, delivering engaging competitive gameplay, as highlighted by Play To Earn.

Through gameplay, participants have the opportunity to accumulate tokens (MONI), whether for casual enjoyment or competitive pursuits.

The creators behind Monsta Infinite aimed to address the significant imbalance between affluent and less affluent players. They acknowledge the "play-to-win" dilemma, wherein dedicated and highly skilled players often lose out to wealthier counterparts with lesser gaming skills. Consequently, Monsta Infinite introduces varied player hierarchies, seeking to mitigate this issue.

What is MONI?

MONI (Monsta Infinite) serves as the in-game currency within an MMORPG card-based monster battle game, operating on blockchain technology. Functioning as a play-to-earn ecosystem, Monsta Infinite enables gamers to generate real-life income while immersing themselves in the virtual realm.

Initially conceived as a more accessible derivative of another decentralized universe, Axie Infinite, Monsta Infinite evolved to uniquely tackle various challenges prevalent in the realm of NFT games.

Throughout gameplay, users assemble a squad of creatures known as MONSTAs, engaging in card-based battles against either other players or AI-controlled adversaries. Additionally, Monsta Infinite boasts an open-world aspect, empowering gamers to establish social connections and take part in live events.

Beyond MONI, the game introduces another native currency, STT (Stamen Tellus). While MONI operates as a governance token, enabling holders to vote on pivotal platform decisions and earn rewards through MONI stacking, STT primarily facilitates in-game asset purchases. 

Acquiring STT involves engaging in battles, collecting dividends from land ownership, and breeding and trading the game characters — MONSTAs. At the conclusion of each season in player-versus-player (PvP) mode, high-ranking players receive MONI rewards.

Founders & Team

As of September 2021, Monsta Infinite's team comprises 11 professionals situated in Malaysia and Singapore. Specializing in decentralized solutions, software development, and gaming, the experts at Monsta Infinite are dedicated to promoting blockchain technology through gamification.

Jin Tan, the CEO, hails from Singapore and brings entrepreneurial expertise and extensive software engineering experience, holding a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Chong Hor Kong serves as the Chief Technical Officer, possessing adept programming skills and holding certifications in electronics and computer engineering. With a background in technology consulting, Kong is also the founder of Hor Kong Academy—an online learning platform offering courses in artistry, management, and programming.

What Sets Monsta Infinite Apart?

Monsta Infinite distinguishes itself by addressing issues of unfair competition in PvP battles through the incorporation of the Elo rating system. Developed by physics professor Arpad Elo, this method pairs opponents based on their rankings, recent match outcomes, skill levels, and possessed attributes. 

By enabling users to compete within their own skill range, the platform aims to foster a balanced competitive environment, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for players of varied expertise levels.

The platform's ecosystem facilitates augmentation for game character body parts, resulting in the acquisition of new skill cards for the upgraded MONSTA. According to the game's design, character enhancement requires sacrificing one of the other MONSTAs in the team. This approach allows developers to regulate the mythical species' population and sustain the asset's liquidity.

Certain users resort to automated resource farming to unfairly obtain in-game advantages, leading to the devaluation of legitimately earned rewards for honest players. Monsta Infinite advocates for equitable resource allocation and integrates anti-bot mechanics into the game. 

Additionally, the match-three puzzles, offered as a mini-game between battle rounds, function as a natural form of captcha-like algorithms, safeguarding the community against malicious users.

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