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Mithril (MITH) Price Live Chart

Mithril (MITH)

The MITH (MITH) token operates as a utility within the MITH ecosystem, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. This token holds significant prominence across Asia and is envisioned to enable MITH holders to buy daily commodities through its network in the future. 

Notably, MITH demonstrates rapid adoption in various regions, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Macau. Its acceptance among merchants and users surpasses that of Bitcoin and Ethereum within these markets, reflecting its increasing utility and usage.

What is Mithril (MITH)?

Mithril operates as a decentralized social media platform running on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its core function involves integrating with both new and established social media networks to recognize and reward content creators for their contributions, a concept called "Social Mining." It's important to note that Mithril does not involve mining by Dwarves.

Employing blockchain technology, Mithril (MITH) ensures the security and safety of all transactions within the network. This technology relies on decentralized data storage, enabling the recording of transactions between involved parties in a reliable, trustless, and unchangeable manner.

MITH will debut as a utility token on Lit, an innovative social media platform catering to the needs of today's user base. This younger demographic of social media users seeks a platform that not only suits their early crypto adoption but also evolves in line with their changing social media requirements. Lit includes features such as instant messaging, story feeds, and the ability to discover new friends, all integrated into its launch.

Lit will facilitate the Social Mining of MITH, rewarding users for contributing personal content to the network and providing the Mithril Vault. This Vault allows users to store, use, and exchange MITH for BTC and ETH. Lit plans to seamlessly integrate with major social networks, aiding users in monetizing their personal content effortlessly.

MITH tokens will offer users access to the MITH application ecosystem, enabling expenditures across various services such as dating platforms, premium content channels, and live-streaming applications. The Mithril Merchant Network aims to enable retail acceptance of MITH as a payment method, initially targeting retailers in Taiwan and Hong Kong upon launch. 

The network, supported by its user base of social influencers, presents an appealing customer base for partners within the Mithril Merchant Network, facilitating a deep integration with MITH.

Founders & Team

Jeffrey Huang, a Taiwanese native renowned for his musical career with the boy band LA Boyz, transitioned into the world of cryptocurrency as the founder of MITH. His early curiosity in digital currencies emerged alongside his fascination with new technologies since the dot-com bubble in 1998.

Furthermore, Mithril was established by the collective expertise of the 17 Media team, supported by advisors affiliated with Pantera Capital, Sora Ventures, QTUM Foundation, AMIS, and Blockstate.

What Are the Potential Uses for MITH?

The utilization of MITH tokens extends across various avenues, notably through the Mithril Merchant Network. This network encompasses livestream applications, retailers, online services (such as dating platforms), and exclusive content channels. Within this marketplace, users have the flexibility to spend their MITH tokens on a wide array of products and services. 

The roster of participating merchants is set to expand rapidly, with INST.RECYCLE, a renowned vintage clothing company associated with numerous celebrities, leading the way as the first partner. Initially, retailers will have a presence in Hong Kong and Taiwan, eventually expanding to global accessibility for other services.

Alternatively, users can leverage the Mithril Vault to seamlessly convert their MITH into either ETH or BTC. Given the widespread acceptance and compatibility of these cryptocurrencies across multiple wallets and platforms, the potential applications for Mithril become boundless. 

Moreover, users have the option to further convert their ETH or BTC into fiat currency through exchanges. The Mithril Vault also serves as a secure repository, allowing users to retain and utilize their MITH tokens for an indefinite period.

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