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Milady Meme Coin Price (LADYS)

₹ 0.0000212500 12.56 %

Low : ₹ 0.0000 High : ₹ 0.0000

Market Cap

₹17.89 B

15.5380 %

All Time High : ₹0.0000

All Time Low : ₹0.0000


₹1.47 B

Circulating Supply 888001000000000
Max Supply 888000888000890

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) Price Live Chart

Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)

LADYS is adopting the tokenization model to enable the gathering of meme capital during the age of unstoppable meme coins.

What Is Milady Meme Coin (LADYS)?

Milady stands as a decentralized meme token established on the Binance Smart Chain, emerging into the market in 2022. It draws its inspiration from the online sensation of 'Milady' memes, portraying graceful and captivating women.

This initiative is propelled by the community, offering a fixed total supply of 1 billion tokens. At its launch, 10% of the overall supply was intentionally burnt to heighten scarcity. Milady operates on a tokenomics model involving a 10% transaction tax: 5% serves as rewards redistributed to holders, while the other 5% contributes to the liquidity pool. This setup encourages a prolonged commitment to holding the token.


The Milady Meme Coin, crafted by the Remilia Collective, entered the market in August 2021. While the members of Remilia prefer anonymity, their 'About' section sheds light on their mission: to construct captivating realms for social interaction. Their vision spans across video games, virtual reality, and blockchain technology, aiming to immerse users in these expansive universes.

At the helm of the collective's rise to prominence stands Charlotte Fang, also known as Miya, who assumes the title of "CEO" within the Remilia Collective. Fang has been instrumental in shaping the collective's virtual landscapes and is credited with conceptualizing the highly popular Milady NFTs. These unique digital assets have gained widespread traction across numerous online forums and social platforms.

The intricate artwork comprising 10,000 profile pictures was masterminded by a Remilia member known as "Milady Sonora" or "Milady Sonoro." Much like their fellow Milady collaborators, their identities remain shrouded in anonymity.

Working Mechanism 

LADYS utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and safety of each transaction. This technology, essential to most cryptocurrencies, functions as a decentralized ledger that records all transactions across a network of computers.

Despite LADYS leveraging advanced technology, its fundamental idea maintains a lighthearted and humorous essence, creating a unique blend of humor and finance.

Milady operates within the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It is available for purchase on decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap and using BNB or ETH. Wallets like TrustWallet, MetaMask, and Coinbase Wallet can securely store Milady coins.

UseCases / Uniqueness

Milady's goal is to create a network of enjoyable offerings and utilities inspired by meme culture:

  1. NFT Marketplace – A platform for trading viral meme NFTs and artistic creations

  2. Mobile Games – Entertaining casual games with Milady integration

  3. Community Interaction – Members can engage and exchange services within the community based on mutual agreements.

Future Development

The Milady Meme Coin team has outlined a roadmap consisting of three developmental stages for LADYS, aiming to achieve specific milestones progressively.

Stage 1: Initially, their focus is on enhancing LADYS' visibility by creating a buzz on Twitter and securing listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Stage 2: Moving forward, the emphasis shifts towards forging community partnerships and ensuring LADYS' presence on centralized exchanges, aiming to reach a milestone of 10,000 token holders.

Stage 3: The final phase is set with an ambitious objective to establish LADYS as the leading token in internet spirituality. This phase also involves listing LADYS on high-tier centralized exchanges and targeting a substantial base of over 100,000 token holders.









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