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What is Manta Network (MANTA)?

The Manta network, a recently launched project that debuted its mainnet in September 2023, has garnered significant attention within the industry due to its array of impressive features. These include rapid transaction processing with minimal fees and the utilization of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications, among others.

Functioning as a modular blockchain operating on the Ethereum network, Manta facilitates the seamless development of decentralized applications (dApps). Its primary network, Manta Pacific, stands as a pioneering platform, offering an EVM-equivalent ZK-application environment. Leveraging Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM, Manta ensures both scalability and security for its users.

Manta Network stands as a platform equivalent to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), tailored for managing zero-knowledge applications with a focus on scalability and security within a multi-modular environment. Users of Manta Network gain access to two distinct blockchains along with a diverse array of web3 development tools.

Manta Organization was established in 2020 by 2 Prime supporters, Victor Ji and Shumo Chu with Kenny Li as the COO and fellow benefactor as well. They wanted to make existing DeFi solutions more private. Ten investors contributed $1.1 million to the company's initial funding, including poly chain) on Feb 2, 2021.

What is the history behind MANTA Network?

Manta Network, initiated by p0xeidon labs, comprises developers from prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. Their primary objective is to delve into the potential applications of zero-knowledge proofs, aiming to foster web3 innovation and enhance blockchain scalability.

The core objective of Manta Network's developers was to establish an EVM-equivalent platform specifically for zero-knowledge applications. Despite the efficacy of zero-knowledge proofs in scaling blockchain applications, integrating them seamlessly with Ethereum has posed challenges. Developers often encounter compatibility issues when attempting to deploy software and smart contracts utilizing ZK proofs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Manta Network emerged as the inaugural fully EVM-equivalent platform for zero-knowledge applications. EVM equivalence ensures that any application developed on the Manta Network can be seamlessly executed on Ethereum, and vice versa. 

This compatibility layer guarantees that projects on the Manta Network operate smoothly within the Ethereum virtual machine ecosystem. Consequently, developers can leverage a plethora of useful tools while benefiting from the inherent security and dependability of Ethereum.

What is the working mechanism of the MANTA Network?

Manta Network's infrastructure hinges on employing a cryptographic method known as zero-knowledge proofs (ZK proofs). These proofs enable the verification of transactions without revealing full validation details, ensuring security. Leveraging Polygon zkEVM rollups, Manta Network processes transactions and generates ZK proofs. These proofs are bundled into batches and forwarded to the Ethereum network for transaction finalization.

Moreover, Manta Network adopts modularity principles from Celestia to segment blockchains into distinct layers, each dedicated to specific blockchain functions. This modular approach allows Manta Network to optimize its operations for efficient data storage and provisioning.

Furthermore, Manta Network's software and smart contracts amalgamate its functionalities into a cohesive system. This ecosystem, meticulously crafted to mirror full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, manages user requests, processes them through Celestia and ZK proofs, records transactions on Ethereum, and returns outcomes to web3 applications.

What are the main features of MANTA Network?

Manta Network provides a diverse range of services to its users, including the following beneficial features within its ecosystem.

  • Manta Pacific: Manta Pacific, Manta's Layer 2 network, not only offers ZK capabilities and low transaction fees but also introduces Universal Circuits 2.0. This developer library simplifies the integration of ZK contracts into decentralized applications. 

Additionally, Manta Pacific provides essential developer tools, such as know-your-customer (KYC) verification, enabling the deployment of Ethereum projects without requiring advanced cryptography knowledge.

  • Manta Atlantic: As the Layer 1 network hosting various Manta Network ecosystem projects, Manta Atlantic allows users to create zero-knowledge NFTs, initiate staking projects, and mint coins. With its fully modular design and user-friendly interface, Manta Atlantic provides a reliable and stable environment for exploring Manta Network's scaling solutions. While not as experimental as Manta Pacific, it offers a trustworthy platform for users.

  • Manta Fest: Manta Network organizes community-building events like Manta Fest, a five-week-long celebration that fosters user interaction and offers special rewards. The event includes exclusive NFT mints and reward points for users of Manta Pacific.

  • Manta Ecosystem Grants Program: The Manta Ecosystem Grants Program is a crucial initiative promoting ZK applications. Developers can seek funding through this program to support the completion of their projects. Successful grant applicants are those demonstrating how their projects contribute to expanding the Manta Network ecosystem or advancing decentralized privacy.

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