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Jito (JTO)

Jito, an abbreviation for "Joint Token," operates as a Solana-based liquid staking platform. It grants MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) incentives to participants. Through the Jito Stake Pool, individuals can stake their SOL tokens, obtaining the JitoSOL token. This distinct asset not only offers liquidity but also merges staking benefits with MEV rewards.

What is Jito?

Jito stands as a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on Solana. Its liquid staking protocol utilizes staking and maximum extractable value (MEV) strategies to enable community members to earn rewards by temporarily locking their cryptocurrency tokens.

MEV, an abbreviation for maximum extractable value, represents methods enabling miners and validators to profit from validation. Validators have the capability to optimize profitability by selecting the transaction processing order, thereby collecting an unseen processing fee.

Jito's History

Founded in 2021 by Lucas Bruder, formerly involved in robotics and a Tesla employee, Jito Labs emerged due to Bruder's fascination with MEV. Recognizing the potential for an open MEV system accessible to the public, Jito aimed to expand beyond the niche validator use to create a more accessible system for investors.

The project gained investment from Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Ventures and Solana Labs, alongside other investors, securing $10 million in funding. The success allowed the establishment of the Jito Foundation, a DAO managing Jito Labs and other liquidity projects.

Goals of Jito

MEV-based investing holds controversy in the crypto world, perceived by some as exploiting traders and manipulating the system. However, proponents highlight its potential to identify and rectify network inefficiencies, a focus for Jito in its MEV approach.

Jito aims to support the Solana ecosystem through its MEV-based staking program, striving to identify safe MEV opportunities without harming other users. The ultimate objective is to create a mutually beneficial system benefiting all participants within the Solana ecosystem.

How Jito Operates

Jito allows Solana holders to link their wallets to the protocol, depositing tokens into selected pools. These pooled funds finance ventures like Solana MEV farming. Stakers receive JitoSOL tokens as collateral and earn MEV rewards proportional to their staked Solana.

Jito's MEV staking involves eliminating spam and avoiding JitoSOL devaluation. MEV searchers run auctions where traders bid on transaction sequences deemed profitable, utilizing a block engine to find the most efficient transaction order. Stakers receive auction proceeds, basing JitoSOL value on fixed auction amounts rather than variable MEV profits.

Jito's Features

The Jito Foundation offers several services:

  • Staking: Jito's primary service involves Solana MEV-based staking, allowing users to lock tokens, exchanging them temporarily for JitoSOL. Holding JitoSOL accrues staking rewards while maintaining liquidity.

  • Borrowing/Lending Protocol: Jito facilitates borrowing and lending activities in JTO, JitoSOL, and SOL. Lenders earn rewards, while borrowers access additional funds temporarily.

  • Liquidity Pool: Collaborating with Orca and other institutions, Jito offers liquidity pools. Users stake JitoSOL or SOL in these pools, contributing to smooth DeFi exchanges and earning liquidity staking rewards, which are perceived as more reliable, albeit slightly lower than MEV rewards.

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