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IguVerse (IGU)

The IguVerse GameFi application revolutionizes the NFT paradigm by leveraging AI/ML technologies. It champions unique user-created NFTs as the next-generation NFT 2.0, supplanting anonymous collections. Within our GameFi application, we unveil a groundbreaking gaming feature, "Socialize to Earn," accompanied by two additional earning concepts: "Move to Earn" and "Play to Earn." 

Through these concepts, users engage in straightforward tasks such as sharing pet pictures on social platforms or tending to virtual pets by walking and feeding them, thereby earning rewards.

What is IguVerse?

IguVerse stands as a blockchain-based mobile application and a play-to-earn social network game employing artificial intelligence (AI) to craft non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of virtual pets. Within its platform, users and their NFT pets can monetize social media content in a gamified manner, integrating it into a lively community.

The IguVerse app encompasses three core aspects: GameFi, FitnessFi, and SocialFi. These avenues offer pet owners diverse opportunities to earn rewards. Moreover, the platform includes a built-in referral program allowing users to earn rewards based on the activities of referred friends and family.

Founders & Team

Established in 2022, IguVerse boasts a dedicated team comprising tech enthusiasts with extensive experience in the tech sphere, business, and product development. Their primary goal revolves around accelerating Web3 adoption. Andriy Tkachiv spearheads the project as CEO, leveraging his eight-year tenure in the IT industry to steer IguVerse. Alex Kalinkov and Vitalii Provotorov serve as the project's co-founders.

Key Features of IguVerse

In order to deliver engaging and rewarding experiences, the platform leverages various technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML): IguVerse stands among the pioneering blockchain projects utilizing Stable Diffusion technology in Web3. Its team generates high-quality, personalized pet images by harnessing data from a vast array of images, coupled with custom modifications by users. This AI/ML technology also enables users to upload actual pet photos to generate unique NFT copies.

  • NFT Mint Without Blockchain: IguVerse employs a technology that allows users to mint NFTs through in-app purchases on Google Play, eliminating the need for cryptocurrency deposits into a wallet. This serves as an intelligent way to incentivize Web 2.0 users to transition to the web3 gaming app.

  • IguVerse Gameplay: Participation in IguVerse necessitates the creation of a virtual pet, which could represent a real pet or a newly imagined creature. This virtual pet becomes the NFT minted on the app, functioning as a playable character with attributes like rank, level, and health. 
    There are 12 ranks in total, ranging from free to diamond, with higher ranks yielding greater rewards. NFTs progress through levels one to ten by completing daily tasks, upgrading to a higher rank every ten levels.

  • Feed a Pet (Play to Earn): This arcade mini-game requires players to maneuver their pets over obstacles to collect fruits within a set time frame. Achieving a specific score partially replenishes the Energy level. While high scores currently do not increase the player's Energy limit, future competitions promise additional rewards.

  • Walk a Pet (Move to Earn): This mini-game involves virtually or physically walking the pet for a specified duration to partially refill the Energy level. IguVerse encourages users to engage in physical workouts by gamifying walks, jogs or runs with their pets to earn rewards.

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IguVerse (IGU): A Social GameFi Experience for Pet Lovers

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