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ICE: Decentralized Future

Ice is the next generation of digital cash, mineable from any mobile device. At its foundation, Ice Network promotes a trusted community and the conviction that digital currencies can retain value across a wide range of use cases. Membership is established by invitations, allowing new users to earn and create micro-communities right away.

What is an ICE Token?

Ice is a decentralized cryptocurrency mining protocol that prioritizes community involvement and smartphone utilization. Through the Ice app, available on both Android and iOS devices, users can engage in mining activities to earn cryptocurrency tokens, which they can subsequently trade or hold.

While Ice's primary objective may seem centered on facilitating cryptocurrency mining via smartphones, it encompasses a broader vision. While facilitating smartphone-based crypto mining to make it accessible to a wider audience, Ice aims to democratize the crypto sphere and enhance user participation.

Yet, Ice's aspirations extend beyond mere accessibility. It seeks to underscore the practicality of cryptocurrency by showcasing its adaptability. By integrating crypto mining into smartphones, Ice endeavors to illustrate the versatility of cryptocurrency and demonstrate that unconventional mining methods can still yield valuable outcomes.

History of ICE Token

Since its product launch in July 2023 by the founder, ZEUS, Ice has steadfastly maintained a commitment to anonymity, refraining from disclosing information regarding the system's designers or investors. This anonymity, as stated on Ice's social media profiles, aims to safeguard the safety and privacy of the Ice team.

Nevertheless, Ice's website provides some insights into the individuals involved in the project, stating that the team consists of more than 20 engineers, sociologists, and economists. Allegedly, this team has dedicated almost two years to developing Ice's decentralized applications (DApps) system.

Working on ICE Token

Utilizing Ice is a straightforward process. Members can share referral codes with friends, prompting them to download Ice. Daily, Ice miners initiate a mining session by tapping a button on their mobile devices, earning tokens that accumulate in their connected wallets. Mining with friends yields a 25% bonus during sessions.

Ice operates on a modified version of The Open Network (TON) called the Ice Open Network (ION), managing contracts and token tracking. Its proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism requires minimal phone computing power, enhancing energy efficiency.

Features of Ice Token

Ice's cryptocurrency mining protocol includes a variety of functions that users can access via Ice's network.

  • Ice Open Network (ION): Joining the ION blockchain, users engage in decentralized transaction processing and information storage, leveraging TON's security.

  • IceID: Empowering users with self-sovereign identity, IceID ensures security through zero-knowledge proofs while preserving privacy.

  • IceConnect: Facilitating social interaction, IceConnect emphasizes encrypted message routing, censorship resistance, and unrestricted expression.

  • IceNet: Enhancing network efficiency, IceNet caches public content for swift transmission while safeguarding private data decentralization.

  • IceVault: Offering decentralized file storage, IceVault ensures secure data retrieval through encrypted file fragments across a node network.

  • IceQuery: Revolutionizing databases with deterministic transaction processing, hashing, and Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus, IceQuery enables decentralized data storage and retrieval.

  • Governance: Ice adopts a decentralized governance model, empowering users with ICE digital currency voting tokens for proposal submission and decision-making.

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