Gifto Price (GFT)

₹ 2.4920000000 2.39 %

Low : ₹ 2.2300 High : ₹ 2.3700

Market Cap

₹2.37 B

2.0219 %

All Time High : ₹61.3300

All Time Low : ₹0.2129


₹519.88 M

Circulating Supply 1000000000
Max Supply 1000000000

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Gifto (GFT)

Gifto (GFT) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the way content creators and their audiences interact and engage online. The Gifto platform is designed to enable seamless gifting and tipping of virtual gifts to content creators, artists, streamers, and other online personalities as a way to show appreciation for their work.

The Gifto platform operates on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to facilitate the creation, exchange, and redemption of virtual gifts. These virtual gifts are represented as unique digital tokens on the blockchain. Users can purchase Gifto tokens and then use them to send virtual gifts to content creators across various social media and content-sharing platforms.

The platform's concept is to enhance the relationship between content creators and their audience by allowing fans to express their support through digital gifts. These gifts can take various forms, such as stickers, animations, artwork, or other virtual items, making the interaction more personalized and engaging.

Gifto aims to provide a decentralized and transparent ecosystem where content creators can directly benefit from the support of their fans, eliminating the need for intermediaries and enabling more direct monetization of their content. Additionally, the platform strives to create a cross-platform experience, enabling 


Gifto (GFT) was co-founded by Andy Tian and Jason Hu. Andy Tian is a well-known entrepreneur with a background in the tech industry, having previously worked at Google and APEC Digital Hub. Jason Hu, on the other hand, has experience in mobile gaming and was a former executive at Zynga and DeNA.

Together, they founded Gifto with the vision of transforming the way content creators and fans interact online by introducing a blockchain-based platform for gifting and engagement. The platform's goal is to empower content creators to monetize their work directly through virtual gifts from their audience, enhancing the connection between creators and their fans.

What makes it unique?

Gifto is a decentralized gifting protocol that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to create, share, and present various types of blockchain assets, including virtual gifts, graphics, animations, NFT art, and more. This platform is designed to reward content creators by enabling their fans to gift them with virtual presents, which can be converted into Gifto tokens or even cash, providing an innovative income source for online content providers. Users can store, produce, and gift diverse blockchain assets to friends and family, and the platform includes a staking feature for added functionality.

In addition to its gifting capabilities, Gifto serves as an enhanced e-commerce transportation solution, enhancing the operational aspects of e-commerce businesses. Gifto positions itself as a Web3 blockchain platform, initiated in 2017, with the goal of evolving into a self-regulating and self-sustaining ecosystem that facilitates the curation, tracking, and trading of virtual gifts across various content.

Central to the Gifto ecosystem is its native utility token, Gifto (GTO). This token is integral for conducting transactions within the Gifto platform and can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, adding to its utility and liquidity within the broader digital asset landscape.

Network security

Gifto operates as a decentralized gifting protocol, established on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing it to benefit from the established security and infrastructure of the Ethereum network. Within the Gifto ecosystem, users have the capability to store, generate, and gift a diverse range of blockchain assets to their peers and family members. Additionally, Gifto offers a staking feature, providing added functionality and engagement for users.

Originating in 2017, Gifto has positioned itself as a Web3 blockchain platform solution with the objective of evolving into a self-sufficient ecosystem. This ecosystem is envisioned to facilitate the creation, curation, tracking, and trading of virtual gifts across a variety of content.

Integral to the Gifto platform is its native utility token, Gifto (GTO), which serves as a means of conducting transactions within the Gifto ecosystem. This token holds value not only within the platform but also in the wider cryptocurrency landscape, as it can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Recent developments 

Gifto is excited to announce a partnership with NULS, a prominent blockchain infrastructure project, for the development of an advanced web3 wallet. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Gifto, aiming to offer users a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet application. The upcoming Gifto wallet will enable users to store, send, receive, stake, and enjoy upcoming features effortlessly. The partnership leverages NULS' expertise in product development and technology, enhancing the Gifto wallet's capabilities.

The collaboration with NULS allows for the integration of features like a staking platform, enabling users to earn rewards for holding Gifto tokens in the wallet. Additionally, Gifto plans to introduce a red packet system and work on cross-chain compatibility using NerveBridge in the future. The partnership emphasizes the security and reliability of the Gifto web3 wallet, benefiting from NULS' experience in wallet development and trusted technology offerings.

The Gifto-NULS partnership seeks to provide GFT holders with a feature-rich web3 wallet, including dApp support and access to a Gifto store and other exciting functionalities. This collaboration reflects Gifto's commitment to offering a cutting-edge wallet solution that meets the evolving demands of the market.

Future developments 

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Gifto Coin (GT), an Ethereum-based decentralized virtual gifting protocol, is developed by the Asian Innovations Group. This project allows users to exchange virtual gifts using the ERC-20 based GIFTO token.

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