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GALA (GALA) is the native cryptocurrency of the Gala Games platform. Gala Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows players to own, play, and earn rewards in various games.

GALA serves as the in-game currency and utility token within the Gala Games ecosystem. Players can use GALA to purchase in-game items, access special features, and participate in various activities across the Gala Games platform.

Additionally, players can earn GALA through gameplay, participation in the platform's economy, and contributing to the Gala Games community. The platform aims to empower players by giving them true ownership of in-game assets and rewarding them for their active participation in the gaming ecosystem.


Gala Games was established in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer, who is also a co-founder of Zynga, a successful mobile gaming company known for titles like Zynga Poker, Farmville, and Mafia Wars. Alongside gaming experts, crypto pioneers, and blockchain developers, Eric and his team embarked on a mission to empower players and revolutionize the gaming industry.

The company has expanded its scope beyond gaming and includes teams from Gala Music and Gala Film. As of early 2023, Gala Games has grown significantly, employing around 400 people from various parts of the world. Notably, the company operates as a fully remote organization with its headquarters based in the United States.

What makes it unique?

Gala Games is a unique platform that combines Web3 technology with gaming, providing players with the freedom to own, earn, and play in the gaming ecosystem. The team comprises experienced game developers committed to prioritizing the best gaming experience above all else.

Gala Games aims to simplify onboarding for gamers entering the Web3 world, allowing them to use existing Coinbase or MetaMask wallets for blockchain transactions. The platform collaborates with OpenSea for NFT collections and enables players to easily trade items peer-to-peer.

The platform offers various games, including Town Star, Mirandus, Last Expedition, and The Walking Dead: Empires. Players can collect in-game NFTs and utilize them for in-game benefits or trade them on the secondary market.

In addition to games, Gala Games expanded into Web3 entertainment with Gala Music and Gala Film. Their generative NFT avatar project, VOX, has seen successful series launches, including collaborations with Dreamworks' Trolls and AMC's The Walking Dead.

Gala Games introduced its own "games-first" layer-1 blockchain solution called Project GYRI, with assets fully bridgeable to Ethereum, and GALA serving as the gas token for transactions.

The platform emphasizes open dialogue with players in its Discord community, which has been vital to its success. Gala Games has exciting announcements and releases planned for 2023 and beyond as it aims to become a leading force in Web3 gaming.

Network security

Gala Games utilizes blockchain technology, which inherently provides a level of security through its decentralized and immutable nature. Blockchain networks are secured through various consensus mechanisms like proof-of-work (PoW) or proof-of-stake (PoS), which ensure the integrity of transactions and prevent unauthorized changes to the network.

Gala Games' blockchain, known as Project GYRI, is designed to be fully bridgeable to and from the Ethereum blockchain. This interoperability with Ethereum adds an additional layer of security, as Ethereum is one of the most widely used and secure blockchains in the industry.

To protect user assets and transactions, Gala Games likely employs standard security practices, including encryption, secure key management, and continuous monitoring for potential vulnerabilities or attacks.

Recent development

Gala Games has introduced a new pricing model called the "3-day moving average" to enhance fairness, stability, and user experience for its community. Previously, item prices were based on real-time data for cryptocurrencies like $GALA and ETH, leading to sudden changes due to external factors. The new model calculates the average value of these cryptocurrencies over the past three days, smoothing out short-term fluctuations and providing more consistent and predictable pricing. This change aims to protect users against sudden market volatility and manipulation, offering a balanced and user-friendly shopping experience. The new pricing system takes effect on August 1st and is intended as a test, with the goal of providing users with confidence in their shopping decisions. Gala Games values user feedback and seeks to create an exceptional and enjoyable experience for its community.

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