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Define Gains Network (GNS).

The Gains Network represents a DeFi ecosystem encompassing various products accessible on the Polygon and Arbitrum chains. Its flagship component, gTrade, is a decentralized platform enabling leveraged trading for crypto and non-crypto assets.

This decentralized leveraging system utilizes liquidity pools, eliminating users' need to borrow or own assets to participate. Moreover, users are spared the inconvenience of undergoing KYC verification to commence activities within the network. Instead, they can engage directly from their wallets. The Gains Network further provides staking rewards, NFTs, simplified one-click trading, and future community governance to deliver an enhanced user experience.

What is Gains Network (GNS)?

Gains Network (GNS) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative aimed at establishing a leading DeFi trading platform within the cryptocurrency sphere. The current online platform, gTrade, strives to become a decentralized leveraged trading platform offering numerous benefits and features, which will be further detailed.

Gains Network comprises various products and services accessible to users. Among these are the GNS token and NFTs, each serving different purposes and advantages. Both are Ethereum-based, with GNS following the ERC-20 token standard and NFTs adhering to the ERC-721 standard.

Although the gTrade platform is currently operational on Polygon (MATIC) and connected with Arbitrum, additional layer-2 solutions tied to Ethereum are anticipated in the later stages of Gains Network's development.

The project's overarching objective is to evolve into a DAO, while gTrade aims to establish itself as a globally embraced decentralized leveraged trading platform. Achieving these milestones would pave the way for creating more DeFi products generating revenue, distributed directly through Gains Network's staking pools via the GNS token. Looking ahead, the team aspires to launch diverse projects like a casino or its own Metaverse under the Gains Network umbrella.

Who are the founding members of Grains Network?

The project was originally spearheaded by Seb, the founder, and a full-stack developer. Subsequently, Nathan, Lunaman, Crumb, and several other developers joined Seb, currently managing the day-to-day operations and further development of the Gains Network.

Initially, Seb single-handedly developed the entire project for approximately a year under the name GFARM2, resulting in the creation of the initial 1,500 NFTs. These were initially launched on Ethereum and fairly distributed via the GFARM2/ETF liquidity provider pool. The transition to Polygon occurred later during the project's rebranding phase, coinciding with the emergence of the GNS token through a 1:1000 split.

How does the Grains Network function?

gTrade stands as the focal point within the Gains Network. This liquidity-efficient trading platform employs synthetic architecture to deliver a superior trading experience. Notably, users retain complete asset custody while engaging in trading. Furthermore, the platform facilitates trading not only in cryptocurrencies but also commodities, stocks, and forex.

Beyond its competitive fees, which become even more competitive when traders own or use NFTs or GNS tokens, gTrade offers leveraged trading. Presently, it provides leverage up to 1000x for forex, 150x for cryptocurrencies, 100x for stocks, and 35x for indices.

This advanced decentralized leveraged trading platform extends various features and benefits to users. These encompass a diverse range of trading pairs and the option to utilize GNS tokens as collateral. Additionally, it includes trading functionalities like liquidations and limit orders.

The growing preference for this solution among traders is evident from the chart below, depicting the increasing number of both new and existing traders. This graph underscores the rising popularity of gTrade within this user demographic.

What are the characteristics of the Gains Network?

Gains Network aims to optimize user experiences in staking, purchasing, selling, and other related activities. Its functionality is underpinned by various notable attributes and the distinctive gTrade framework. What are the principal characteristics defining Gains Network?

  1. gTrade Platform: At the heart of Gains Network lies the gTrade platform, a liquidity-efficient system employing synthetic architecture to offer an exceptional trading environment. gTrade supports approximately 40 trading pairs, allowing users to retain complete control of their assets.
    It enables trading across commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and forex. Moreover, this platform boasts competitive fees compared to its counterparts and offers leverages of up to 150x for cryptocurrencies and 1,000x for forex.

  2. One-Click Trading: Gains Network facilitates one-click trading (1CT) by setting up a 1CT wallet on the gTrade trading platform. After wallet creation, users must validate it as a delegate through gTrade smart contracts for trade execution. Once enabled, users can bypass the need to confirm transactions manually, streamlining the trading process significantly.

  3. GNS Staking: GNS staking provides an avenue for users to earn passive income by staking GNS tokens, receiving DAI generated from trading fees as rewards. Around 32.5% of platform trading fees contribute to GNS staking rewards, incentivizing users to boost total trading volume by inviting others, thereby increasing their rewards.
    Staking up to three Gains NFTs in the GNS pool amplifies staking rewards based on the NFT tier, offering a percentage boost (e.g., Bronze NFT - 2%, Diamond NFT - 13%).

  4. gDAI Vault: Gains Network incorporates a gDAI vault to manage trading activities. Winners receive their winnings from the vault, while losses are redirected there. A portion of trading fees is stored in this vault. Users can become liquidity providers by staking their DAI tokens and receiving gDAI tokens in return.
    Staking DAI tokens in the gDAI vault rewards users with a share of trading fees, encouraging continued token staking. Upon DAI token withdrawal, gDAI tokens are burned.

  5. GNS NFTs: Previously known as GFARM2, Gains Network generated 1,500 NFTs categorized into five tiers: Bronze (most common), Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (rarest). Holders of these NFTs gain exclusive benefits, with tier determining the extent of exclusivity. Benefits include reduced trading spreads and increased staking rewards, varying based on NFT tier (e.g., Diamond NFT holders receive a 35% reduction in spreads, while Bronze NFT holders receive 15%).

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