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Fusionist (ACE)

Fusionist stands as an independently developed AAA game, showcasing our expertise in game development. The Unity engine serves as the foundation for the client, and for rendering, we leverage the HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) to deliver stunning AAA visual effects.

In the networking realm, Fusionist embraces real-time synchronization technology, employing the KCP + flatbuffer protocol combination. This ensures seamless coordination, and importantly, all computational outcomes are dictated by the backend. This meticulous approach serves to eliminate any potential for cheating within the game environment.

To enhance accessibility, we've crafted a lightweight client using Unity WebGL technology. This enables the game to run effortlessly on both PCs and mobile devices, ensuring a broad user reach. By leveraging Unity WebGL, Fusionist extends its immersive gaming experience to a diverse audience, allowing players to engage with the game seamlessly across various platforms. This commitment to technological innovation, from rendering techniques to networking strategies and client development, underscores our dedication to delivering a high-quality gaming experience and maximizing user accessibility in the dynamic landscape of modern gaming.


Fusionist, a game development company headquartered in Singapore, is spearheaded by its CEO, Ike T. Ike T brings a wealth of experience to the company, boasting a substantial background in the gaming industry. Notably, he served as an MMOG producer during his tenure at Tencent, a prominent player in the gaming sector. Ike T further enriched his expertise by assuming the role of a game director at Moonton, a renowned game studio based in Shanghai. With a leadership grounded in a diverse and influential career within the gaming realm, Ike T guides Fusionist in its endeavors to create innovative and engaging gaming experiences. Under his direction, Fusionist aims to make a significant impact in the dynamic landscape of game development.

What makes Fusionist unique?

Fusionist emerges as an independent WEB3 game, delivering AAA-quality experiences through the utilization of Unity and HDRP technologies. The game offers a trio of interconnected game modes, catering to a diverse player base. Upholding the principles of fairness, Fusionist employs backend-driven computation, utilizing KCP and flatbuffer protocols to minimize the potential for cheating within the gaming environment.

Notably, Fusionist introduces a groundbreaking element in the form of the Endurance blockchain, featuring ACE as its exclusive token. This EVM-compatible blockchain distinguishes itself for its scalability, security, and transparency, with a specific focus on gaming and social applications. The Endurance ecosystem extends beyond the blockchain, encompassing wallet services, game publishers, blockchain technology, and developers. This holistic approach creates a robust and highly promising ecosystem, positioning Fusionist at the forefront of innovative and immersive WEB3 gaming experiences.

Additionally, Fusionist's Unity WebGL client contributes to its widespread appeal by seamlessly running on both PCs and mobile devices. This compatibility not only ensures a broad user base but also enhances accessibility, allowing players to engage with the game effortlessly across various platforms. Fusionist, with its integration of cutting-edge technologies and a pioneering blockchain ecosystem, stands as a testament to its commitment to delivering high-quality and inclusive gaming experiences in the evolving landscape of WEB3 gaming.

Working Mechanism

Fusionist operates as a captivating game universe, incorporating collectible NFTs across three distinct gameplay types:

1. Colonize (Build Simulation): In this gameplay mode, players, assuming the role of Mech Commanders, engage in planet management. They embark on the collection of rare resources, technological upgrades, blueprint scanning for Mech manufacturing, and the establishment of production pipelines.

2. Conquer (Turn-based Tactics): Players strategize through turn-based tactics, participating in both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) battles. They construct starship fleets to wage interplanetary warfare and conquer the expansive galaxy.

3. Unite (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate): This mode involves a comprehensive exploration of the game universe. Players expand their territories, exploit available resources, and exterminate opposition, contributing to the dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

Players can immerse themselves in the role of Mech Commanders, managing their planets, enhancing technology, and manufacturing Mechs. The Galactic Marketplace within Fusionist serves as a vital hub for commanders to engage in the trading of in-game items. Commanders have the option to acquire in-game tokens from the marketplace or utilize tokens to procure materials, enhancing and upgrading their Mechs. This multifaceted gaming experience in Fusionist not only offers diverse gameplay but also incorporates a dynamic marketplace, fostering strategic and engaging interactions among players.

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