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Define Fluence (FLT).

Fluence is the pioneering decentralized computing platform that offers an open alternative to large internet cloud providers. It delivers computing power at up to 80% lower costs than traditional cloud services while maintaining resilience and verifiability. 

Fluence aggregates surplus computing resources from top-tier data centers worldwide into a global, continuously operating DePIN network, making it a versatile platform for a variety of applications. Its openness enables easy provider switching, ensuring competitive pricing and high service quality.

What is Fluence (FLT)?

Fluence is a decentralized, serverless computing platform leveraging blockchain technology. This approach offers a worldwide, license-free, highly scalable, and secure alternative to traditional centralized cloud computing systems.

Developers can create and launch a range of applications on the network, connecting everything from professional data centers to individual computers. Providers must compete on cost and performance to showcase their skills and earn appealing rewards. The project held a successful FLT token claim event for 10,000 developers on GitHub who contributed to any open-source Web3 repository in the previous year.

What is the history behind Fluence?

Established in 2017, Fluence launched its mainnet in 2024 and is governed by a DAO operating as a Swiss Association. The founders of Fluence are Evgeny Ponomarev, Dmitry Kurinskiy, and Tom Trowbridge. Evgeny and Dmitry are experienced developers and entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of knowledge in blockchain and software engineering. Tom Trowbridge co-founded Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) and served as its president from the start.

What are the features of Fluence?

▪️ No licensing required: Much like HTTP internet protocols, the project places no restrictions on participants. There is no approval process, KYC checks, or legal hurdles when investors engage with the computational marketplace or rent resources from the market. Fluence allows applications to be built without imposing requirements on hardware performance, location, or ownership.

▪️ Censorship resistance: The team prioritizes strict confidentiality regarding customer identities and order execution histories. Nevertheless, vendors and developers can use the protocol to engage and carry out tasks.

▪️ Trust: The Fluence network operates on the Aqua protocol, providing security, encryption, and authentication for all application requests. This includes additional proof and auditability of command execution. This minimizes reliance on the provider's name, brand, or reputation, allowing users to trust the project without focusing heavily on individual providers.

▪️ Governance: The platform is overseen by the Fluence DAO, which consists of FLT token holders. The DAO manages protocol development, updates, and the allocation of funds to support and grow the network.

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