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EarthFund (1EARTH)

The Earth Fund DAO, established in September 2021 under the leadership of Adam Boalt, is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a mission to offer an open and transparent donation platform. This initiative aims to support various causes dedicated to preserving the planet. 

Comprised of a team of investors, entrepreneurs, and blockchain experts, the Earth Fund DAO was founded to cater to the rising need for transparent and accessible avenues in charitable giving.

Driven by the goal to counter the limitations of conventional charity structures, which are commonly governed by governmental bodies and affluent individuals, the Earth Fund DAO strives to enable individuals to participate in earth-saving endeavors. It aims to assist those encountering obstacles associated with bureaucratic hurdles and restrictions typically tied to centralized charitable systems.

What is EarthFund (1EARTH)?

EarthFund represents a decentralized crowdfunding platform with the goal of distributing power among global communities, allowing them to actively influence and shape the future through participation in its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Unlike centralized crowdfunding, EarthFund is community-controlled. The community raises funds, and each token holder has a voice in determining how these funds are utilized to enact positive changes in the world.

The community's objective is to simplify the process of joining a DAO and effecting global change, making it as straightforward as joining a social networking site.

Presently, governmental bodies, large corporations, and charities predominantly determine the fate and funding of potentially impactful ideas—a paradigm EarthFund seeks to disrupt. Their aim is to transfer the influence, resources, and financial power of billionaire foundations to a global community of dedicated individuals, empowering them to make a difference.

EarthFund welcomes individuals to join its community by purchasing its tokens and contributing their opinions on resolving issues plaguing the planet. Token ownership grants the ability to participate in voting on how EarthFund's treasury should support projects aimed at preserving the planet.

Within EarthFund, all decisions are made by the EarthFund DAO, which encompasses multiple communities. The DAO acts as the governing body, possessing full authority over the selection of causes to support and operational decisions.

Leveraging blockchain technology for transparency, members enjoy complete visibility into operations. The democratic process involves community voting on all aspects, such as the inclusion of new projects or communities, and requires consensus before implementation.

Owning a single Earth token translates to having a vote on every decision the DAO makes, including selecting new causes, releasing funds, and managing governance and operations. According to the official EarthFund website, the current assets under management total US$26 million, with 20 members holding a combined vote count of 8.54 million.

How does the platform operate?

Primarily, the platform functions by enabling users to transparently donate funds to charitable causes through blockchain technology. For instance, users can support causes by utilizing the stablecoin USDT, which is tied to the dollar and exhibits less volatility compared to regular cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, donations can be traced on the blockchain to observe their movement and destination. This provides users with visibility into how their contributed funds are utilized. Currently, two causes are active on the platform:

Mental Health: This cause, focused on mental health and well-being, was established by Poonacha Machaiah, Gabriella Wright, and the founders of Never Alone, along with Deepak Chopra, co-founder of Never Alone, The Chopra Foundation, and Chopra Global. It encompasses 2 funds, involves 30 members, and has supported 4 projects, raising a total of $116,023.93 so far.

Carbon Removal: Founded by Lucy Tweed, this cause comprises 30 members and concentrates on enhancing the environment through forest restoration, ecosystem protection, and advancements in carbon removal methods.

Initially, the platform will prioritize five primary categories of charitable causes aimed at global improvement:

  • Environmental causes, specifically targeting carbon removal from the atmosphere.

  • Green technology initiatives encompass renewable energy, composting, vertical farming, and similar endeavors.

  • Addressing social issues, with a focus on reducing global inequality.

  • Supporting public health and well-being by funding improvements in healthcare facilities worldwide.

  • Preserving global ecosystems.

Communities will play a central role in the platform, utilizing DAOs to propose new causes for funding inclusion. Additionally, the platform will feature a treasury, which will be elaborated upon in the following section.

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