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dYdX Price (DYDX)

₹ 277.9100000000 3.27 %

Low : ₹ 251.5700 High : ₹ 262.6700

Market Cap

₹122.02 B

3.6810 %

All Time High : ₹374.0500

All Time Low : ₹191.7600


₹763 M

Circulating Supply 464678000
Max Supply 1000000000

dYdX (Native) DYDX Price Live Chart

dYdX (Native) DYDX

dYdX stands as a decentralized exchange (DEX) constructed atop the Ethereum blockchain. Its repertoire encompasses various financial derivatives such as margin trading, spot trading, lending, borrowing, and perpetual contracts.

The platform's aim is to furnish the familiar trading functionalities found in centralized exchanges within a decentralized framework. By merging the security and transparency of blockchain technology with the swiftness and user-friendliness of conventional exchanges, dYdX strives to offer a comprehensive trading experience.

What is the dYdX Chain (DYDX)?

The dYdX Chain represents a proof-of-stake blockchain system constructed with the Cosmos SDK and utilizing CometBFT for establishing consensus. DYDX token serves as the foundational L1 protocol token within the dYdX Chain, established through the agreement of the dYdX community via governance processes (comprising Snapshot voting and on-chain voting).

Holders of the DYDX token possess the ability to either operate a Validator using their tokens or stake their tokens towards a Validator, thereby engaging in the security and governance activities of the dYdX Chain network.

What is the DYDX Allocation?

DYDX gets disbursed to users by validators operating on the dYdX Chain, following a 1-1 proportional basis in accordance with the quantity of Ethereum-based DYDX (ethDYDX) transferred by each user to the wethDYDX Smart Contract.

The allocation of DYDX corresponds to the allocation of ethDYDX, which has undergone changes since its inception on August 3, 2021, owing to various governance propositions. The revised ethDYDX allocation includes:

  • 27.7% allocated to Investors

  • 15.3% allocated to Employees and Consultants affiliated with dYdX Trading or Foundation

  • 7.0?signated for Future Employees & Consultants of dYdX

  • 14.5% allocated to User Trading Rewards

  • 5.0?rmarked for Retroactive Rewards

  • 3.3% allotted to Liquidity Provider Rewards

  • 26.1% allocated to Community Treasury

  • 0.6% allocated to the Liquidity Staking Pool

  • 0.5?signated for the Safety Staking Pool

Migration to the dYdX Chain

The wethDYDX Smart Contract facilitates the transition of ethDYDX from the Ethereum network to the dYdX Chain.

Upon interaction, the wethDYDX Smart Contract executes the following functions in a fully automated and permissionless manner: receiving and permanently locking the ethDYDX tokens sent by the user to the wethDYDX Smart Contract; issuing a wrapped version of the Ethereum-based DYDX token (“wethDYDX”) to the user following a 1-1 proportional basis on Ethereum. 

Additionally, dYdX Chain Validators can access and process information from the wethDYDX Smart Contract to distribute corresponding DYDX to users on the dYdX Chain, contingent on confirmation that Step 1, involving the permanent locking of ethDYDX in the wethDYDX Smart Contract, has been completed.

Utility of dYdX

The dYdX Chain, an ecosystem built around the dYdX protocol, relies on the DYDX token for its utility in three main aspects: Staking, Security, and Governance. Staking DYDX involves holders either serving as Validators or delegating their tokens to existing Validators. 

This process plays a crucial role in the network's security by allowing Validators to propose and validate blocks through a consensus process called CometBFT. The staking system incentivizes adherence to protocol rules and contributes to network security, distributing fees generated by the protocol to Validators and Stakers.

However, this staking mechanism also carries risks, such as slashing parameters that penalize malicious behavior, downtime, or failure to follow the protocol. Validators have the authority to set their commission rates and play an active role in the consensus process, but they are subject to potential penalties for violating the network's rules, including losing stake weight or being excluded from block validation.

The security of the dYdX Chain relies on the distribution of DYDX tokens across a diverse set of Validators. This distribution makes it harder for coordinated attacks to influence consensus decisions, enhancing the network's resilience. Moreover, the Proof-of-Stake mechanism aligns economic incentives, encouraging correct participation by Stakers and Validators alike.

In terms of governance, DYDX holders in dYdX v3 possess the power to propose and vote on changes to community-controlled parameters and can delegate these powers to other Ethereum addresses. Governance on the dYdX Chain allows token holders to have a say in the evolution and changes within the network, aiming for decentralized decision-making and further community involvement.

The dYdX Chain's governance model and staking mechanisms, while empowering users, also come with their set of challenges and risks, including potential attacks, slashing, and the need for active participation in consensus and governance processes. The ongoing evolution of governance structures and the attention to security measures reflect efforts to create a robust, secure, and community-driven ecosystem for the dYdX Chain.

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