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Dogechain (DC)

Dogechain, an EVM-compatible Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, is crafted to supplement the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Its purpose is to bolster Dogecoin by providing stability, strength, security, and functionality. 

Operating alongside the original Dogecoin ecosystem, it aims to elevate it through the introduction of smart contract functionalities. It's crucial to note that Dogechain stands as a separate entity from the original Dogecoin project and does not operate on the Dogecoin network.

What is Dogechain?

Dogechain, distinct from the official Dogecoin blockchain explorer, represents an unofficial Layer 2 solution for the Dogecoin project. Functioning as an EVM-compatible decentralized blockchain operating on the Polygon network, its primary objective is to connect with Dogecoin, enabling users of the cryptocurrency to engage with the expanding decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

It's crucial to note that Dogechain operates independently from Dogecoin. Instead, it stands as a separate blockchain community prioritizing the empowerment of Dogecoin holders. Through its bridge, Dogecoin holders can access various DeFi applications, NFTs, and blockchain games. This bridge is necessary because Dogecoin primarily serves as a tool for payments and purchases only. 

Given its limited functionality, the founders of the Dogechain project seek to enhance the original Dogecoin by broadening its scope for use beyond its initial purpose. Essentially, this initiative aims to introduce scalability, security, resilience, and versatility to the Dogecoin network.

A story behind Dogechain's remarkable success.

Upon its launch in 2014, Dogecoin garnered immense attention owing to its playful meme that resonated with a wide audience. At the time, the project appeared promising as it endeavored to replace conventional cash with cryptocurrency. Additionally, the internet meme, Doge, had already captivated early crypto enthusiasts.

Consequently, Dogecoin experienced immediate success. Over the ensuing years, its value skyrocketed, bolstered by support from global influencers such as Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. To date, Dogecoin's popularity remains robust. Its appeal lies in achieving its primary objective of establishing itself as a widely used cryptocurrency for online transactions.

Despite Dogecoin's resounding success, its age is becoming a limitation. It requires an overhaul since its predominant use remains confined to online payments. Presently, nearly all major cryptocurrencies offer this functionality. Therefore, Dogecoin must evolve beyond its association with meme culture, as its followers adore, to remain competitive in the crypto landscape.

How Does Dogechain Operate?

Dogechain functions as an independent blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and relies on the Polygon Edge framework, specifically designed for creating scalable Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Leveraging Polygon Edge gives Dogechain certain traits inherited from its parent protocol.

Utilizing this protocol presents various advantages. For instance, Polygon Edge's EVM compatibility enables developers to generate tokens on the blockchain through the widely used ERC-20 protocol. 

Additionally, Dogechain benefits from the PoS mechanism within the framework, offering faster, more scalable, and eco-friendly operations compared to Dogecoin's PoW system. Notably, the framework supports smart contracts, enabling token holders to utilize DOGE for gas payments.

Dogechain also employs EVM, the core of its operations, allowing developers to swiftly create and deploy solutions without starting from scratch. The amalgamation of Polygon Edge and EVM significantly enhances Dogechain, elevating Dogecoin to a level unattainable without integrating such advanced technologies.

It's essential to highlight that Dogechain's architecture differs from other blockchains. Although it utilizes Polygon Edge, it does not employ Polygon's "security as a feature" function, relying instead on its set of validators for security. Similarly, it disables Polygon's checkpoint mechanism and mainchain contract features.

Cross-Chain Protocol: The cross-chain protocol serves as a crucial link between the original Dogecoin blockchain and Dogechain.

This protocol facilitates the exchange between a DOGE and a wDOGE token at a 1:1 ratio, ensuring compatibility across cross-chain transactions. When pegging a DOGE token, Dogechain mints a wDOGE token, and vice versa — destroying a wDOGE token allows the withdrawal of a DOGE token to the Dogecoin blockchain. Key features of the cross-chain protocol include

  • Secure and decentralized support for Dogecoin via the bridge.

  • Trustless key generation for the threshold signature scheme.

  • Management of private key shares by the community and third parties, enhancing security by eliminating a single point of failure.

  • Implementation of voting capabilities for organizations using the protocol's governance mechanism.

What Sets Dogecoin Apart?

Individuals involved in the retail crypto sphere holding Dogecoin find it accessible to engage in DeFi and NFTs without significant entry barriers.

For developers proficient in Ethereum coding, transitioning to code for Dogechain poses no challenge, potentially leading to a surge in DApp creation on this budding platform. Dogechain's JSON-RPC API is intentionally crafted to resonate with those currently coding for EVM chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and Fantom. 

Presently, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) already exist on the platform, enabling users to trade $DOGE for newly generated tokens within the Dogechain framework. The project is advancing swiftly in terms of development.

The project's team recently conducted a Twitter space session, shedding light on some ongoing projects being constructed on the Dogechain. Dogechain prioritizes developer adoption, with a focus on various sectors like DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, yield tools, NFT markets, and metaverses reportedly in progress—some of which are already operational at this stage.

As per the Dogechain team, the true innovation lies in establishing an ecosystem for DOGE and facilitating its transition to a rapid, scalable, Proof-of-Stake, EVM-compatible network. This shift aims to enable the coin's utilization within an emerging ecosystem, beyond solely serving as a store of wealth.

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