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Degen Zoo (DZOO)

Degen Zoo, initiated and developed by the creator of DAO Maker, stands as the pioneering infrastructure enabling community-based incubation for animal NFTs. Among these, the initial collection named "Price of Extinction" is merely the vanguard, backed by the $DZOO token, among a series of forthcoming collections.

What Is Degen Zoo (DZOO)?

Degen Zoo rolls with a deflationary token and an NFT set showcasing 120 endangered species to mirror how capitalism affects animal extinction. When you're in the game, the deal is to 'burn' your NFTs, basically leading the collection to extinction. It's a deep dive into understanding how human greed messes with wildlife. Pretty eye-opening stuff, right?


Degen Zoo was initiated and developed by Christoph Zaknun, the creator behind DAO Maker. Drawing inspiration from Paul’s Crypto Zoo game, which has faced criticism labeling it a "scam," Zaknun's "Degen Zoo” game mirrors the consequences of capitalism on animal extinction. It showcases a deflationary token and an NFT compilation highlighting 120 endangered species.

Working Mechanism 

Degen Zoo (DZOO) forms a crucial element within the NFT gaming mechanics of the Degen Zoo blockchain game. The primary aim of this game is to shed light on the adverse effects of industrialization and environmentally harmful practices on endangered animal species. Additionally, the development team has committed to donating all game profits to animal charities working toward preventing the extinction of endangered animals.

To realize this objective, Degen Zoo utilizes the DZOO token and animal NFTs. The DZOO token acts as the in-game cryptocurrency, enabling players to engage in NFT minting. In total, the Degen Zoo game features a maximum of 60,000 animal NFTs that players must mint from NFT eggs using DZOO tokens.

These NFTs showcase artistic depictions of 120 endangered animals, each possessing distinct traits such as varying weights, levels of endangerment, lifespans measured in days, and percentages for staking rewards.

Every animal NFT contains a specific amount of locked DZOO tokens. These tokens can only be unlocked upon the 'death' of the animal, which involves burning the NFT. Players have the choice to wait for the animal to mature and burn the NFT to receive the full locked DZOO amount or burn the token earlier for a reduced token amount.

The quantity of locked tokens is influenced by an animal’s weight and level. Each NFT can increase its level twice, achieved by consuming other animal NFTs. Users merge two NFTs to elevate the level, resulting in an NFT with a higher locked token value than the combined initial NFTs. Higher-level animals also offer increased staking rewards.

The journey of an animal's life commences with an NFT egg that needs hatching. This hatching process involves minting the NFT by burning 10,000 DZOO, revealing the type of animal acquired. The DZOO value associated with the animal ranges from 7,000 to 67,000 tokens, contingent on the NFT’s characteristics.

UseCases / Uniqueness

From the standpoint of the developer team, DZOO serves as a tool aiding animal charities in supporting endangered species worldwide. For DZOO users, the token offers an avenue for enjoyment, NFT creation, and potential profits.

Owning DZOO tokens is essential for engaging in the Degen Zoo game and accessing various perks. Users must purchase DZOO tokens and promptly start staking them on the Degen Zoo web platform. The game allocates a specific number of eggs daily based on the amount of staked DZOO tokens, determining when users receive an egg.

Upon acquiring an egg, users must spend 10,000 DZOO tokens to hatch it and unveil the NFT animal received, along with the quantity of locked DZOO within the NFT. Then, users have the option to instantly burn the NFT, reclaiming the locked tokens while incurring a 40?rly burning penalty, or retain the NFT.

Opting to keep the NFT reduces the burning penalty gradually, enabling users to wait for the animal to reach its maximum lifespan to claim the entire amount of locked tokens.

Alternatively, users can enhance the number of locked tokens and potentially earn higher DZOO rewards by evolving their animal by feeding it another Degen Zoo NFT. Higher rarity scores and rare traits in both animals, such as greater weight and increased endangerment levels, significantly boost DZOO rewards.

In essence, players invest DZOO tokens for the chance to amass more tokens within the Degen Zoo NFT ecosystem. Accumulated tokens can be easily exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on supported crypto exchanges dealing with DZOO.

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