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DAO Maker (DAO) Price Live Chart

DAO Maker (DAO)

DAO Maker is a growth technology company specializing in developing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions tailored for emerging and expanding cryptocurrency startups. Among its key offerings is the DAO Pad, a versatile investment platform enabling token holders in DAOs to engage in initial token sales of rigorously assessed upcoming ventures.

Several notable projects, such as My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Orion Protocol (ORN), Seascape Network (CWS), and Infinity Pad (IPAD), have been successfully launched through DAO Maker. A comprehensive compilation detailing projects and their achievements can be found on the DAO Maker website.

What is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker functions as an incubator catering to early-stage cryptocurrency startups by providing a suite of tools and services. Its primary offering, the DAO Launchpad, enables holders of DAO tokens to invest in upcoming projects.

DAO Maker has spearheaded several prominent ventures, including My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Orion Protocol (ORN), Seascape Network (CWS), and Infinity Pad (IPAD). Comprehensive details about these initiatives and their progress are available on the DAO Maker website.

In addition to the widely utilized DAO Launchpad, DAO Maker extends diverse services to nascent blockchain-based projects. These services encompass incubation, operational support, advisory guidance, and participation in social mining within the DAO Maker ecosystem.

Employing social mining, the company rewards users who contribute value to the project by distributing tokens. This approach aids in heightening awareness, fostering engagement, enhancing liquidity, and broadening the token holder base.

DAO Maker's Background

DAO Maker was established by Christoph Zaknun and Giorgio Marciano, with Zaknun assuming the role of CEO and Marciano as the Chief Technology Officer. Zaknun's background includes early involvement in initial coin offerings (ICOs), while Marciano brings over 13 years of software engineering expertise to the team. 

Hassan Sheikh, the Chief Marketing Officer, contributes business strategy acumen and a former mathematics teaching background, rounding out the executive leadership.

How Does DAO Maker Operate?

Similar to many contemporary blockchain project launch platforms, DAO Maker necessitates users to lock a specified minimum quantity of DAO tokens to partake in its launches.

Presently, users are required to stake a minimum of 500 DAO tokens in DAO Maker's vaults. For each staked DAO token, users receive 1 DAO power. Alternatively, users can boost their DAO power threefold by staking DAO-USDC Uniswap LP tokens. Through staking DAO, users also gain a yield in the form of a designated project token like Evolution (EVN), Yield Protocol (YIELD), Open Ocean (OOE), among others.

This DAO power serves as a means to engage in DAO Maker's strong holder offerings (SHOs), SEED sales, or dynamic coin offerings (DYCOs)—the latter being a partially refundable token sale method. Users assign their DAO power to the sale they wish to participate in, which enters them into a lottery for an allocation. 

The more DAO power allocated, the greater the chances of winning. Users are categorized into five tranches based on the amount of DAO spent: Tranche 1: 500–999 DAO Power; Tranche 2: 1,000–1,999 DAO Power; Tranche 3: 2,000–3,999 DAO Power; Tranche 4: 4,000–9,999 DAO Power; Tranche 5: 10,000+ DAO Power.

Each tranche heightens the likelihood of winning an allocation. Successful participants have their allocations automatically funded by their USD Coin (USDC) balance, and their DAO power remains locked for 10 days before resetting. Unsuccessful participants can immediately utilize their DAO power again.

In addition to the DAO Pad, DAO Maker is working on another primary product called Venture Bonds. This feature allows users to acquire bonds from startups. DAO Maker then deploys the acquired funds into overcollateralized DeFi and CeFi lending markets to generate a yield, which is then distributed to startups to support their growth. Bond purchasers receive project tokens and/or equity in return.

Upon maturity of the bond, users receive their initial funds back along with any accrued yields in the form of project tokens or equity.

Features of DAO Maker

DAO Maker's features encompass a Launchpad, DAO Staking, Community Launchpad, Farms & Vesting, DAO Swap, and Governance.

The DAO Launchpad offers a preview of top incubation and NFT projects pre-release, engaging the DAO Maker user base for idea expansion. It grants access to exclusive sales events for new crypto projects before their public launch.

There are two participation models called Strong Holder Offerings (SHO): Public SHO and Private SHO. The Public SHO permits participation for wallet holders with over $500 in digital assets. By holding tokens and fulfilling specific requirements like linking a Twitter account, users can increase their chances of winning token allocations. Private SHO requires staking DAO tokens, offering tier-based rewards and functionality based on the amount staked.

Farms & Vesting allows setting up farms and vesting contracts under DAO Maker, currently supporting MTG and DAO Maker farms. The Community Launchpad enables voting on projects without registration, receiving airdropped tokens associated with the voted project without KYC verification.

DAO Staking allows token holders to stake DAO tokens, gaining rewards and DAO Power for platform access. DAO Swap facilitates the secure exchange of digital assets for DAO tokens on a distributed marketplace.

DAO Maker's governance system functions as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. It consists of a voting system for members to participate in decisions concerning project approvals, platform regulations, and rules changes.

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