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A set of smart contracts and the decentralized participants those contracts reward to carry out maintenance and governance tasks keep the value of DAI, a stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, as near to one US dollar as feasible. It is managed and governed by MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) made up of the holders of its governance token, MKR. In order to guarantee the stability of Dai, these owners may propose and vote on modifications to specific parameters in MakerDAO's smart contracts. Dai and MakerDAO are regarded as the first decentralized financial model to have widespread popularity.

DAI is distinctive in that it is secured by numerous cryptocurrencies. Users can use ETH to buy the dollar equivalent of DAI if they wish to acquire it. It is referred to as a "stablecoin" since DAI, a decentralized cryptocurrency, strives to keep a constant 1:1 value relative to the US dollar. It is an ERC-20 token that was created particularly to operate on the Ethereum blockchain, and because of its association with the US dollar, it offers the transactional advantages of a cryptocurrency with essentially no volatility.


The Maker Foundation, which founded Dai in 2014, was founded by Rune Christensen. Owners of the Maker Foundation's governance token, MKR, make up this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Dai is the native coin of the Maker Protocol, an open-source ecosystem of smart contracts that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. With a market valuation of over $7 billion since its launch, Dai has risen to the fourth-largest stablecoin position.

DAI was developed with the intention of offering a decentralized stablecoin that is free from the dangers and restrictions associated with more established stablecoins that are managed by a single institution. DAI was developed in order to secure other crypto assets in smart contracts while maintaining a constant 1:1 value with the US dollar. DAI is the native token of the Maker Protocol, a decentralized autonomous ecosystem of smart contracts operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it different from other stablecoins, which are created and managed by a central authority. DAI was developed by the Maker Foundation in 2014 with the intention of offering a solid form of collateral for loans and facilitating the safe movement of cryptocurrency assets. 

What makes it unique?

DAI's unique combination of decentralization, collateralization, algorithmic stability, integration with dApps, and accessibility sets it apart from other stablecoins in the market.

  • Decentralization: DAI is a decentralized stablecoin, which means it is not governed or controlled by a single entity. Due to this, it is resistant to the dangers and restrictions associated with conventional stablecoins that are managed by a single company.
  • Collateralization: DAI is collateralized by many cryptocurrencies, unlike other stablecoins that are backed by a single asset. Because of this, it is more resistant to changes in the market and less vulnerable to a single point of failure.
  • Algorithmic stability: Instead of relying on a reserve of fiat assets, DAI uses an algorithmic approach to maintain its peg to the US dollar. Because of this, it can continue to be stable even when the market is unstable.
  • Integration with decentralized applications (dApps): DAI is the stablecoin that is most frequently utilized for dApp integration. It is a popular option for users and developers alike because it supports 400 dApps and wallets.
  • Accessibility: On the majority of reputable crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, DAI may be purchased directly using fiat money (such as the US dollar). Users who might not have access to other cryptocurrencies can now use it more easily.

Network security

The Ethereum Ethash Algorithm, which secures DAI, ensures its security. DAI is one of the blockchain ecosystem's most integrated digital assets and can be utilized in decentralized finance. DAI is decentralized and collateralized, and it promises to lessen the volatility of blockchain trading.

DAI is regarded as one of the most secure cryptocurrencies for investors in terms of safety and security. It solves the problem of currency stability by ensuring that the value of the currency is maintained. DAI is primarily used to lend and borrow crypto assets without the requirement for an intermediary, resulting in a permissionless system with transparency and few constraints.

The Crash of Algorithmic Stablecoins and its Impact on DAI

Despite being the first of its kind, DAI began to lose market share to rising alternatives during the last bull market, particularly Terra's UST - now known as TerraClassicUSD. UST, in contrast to DAI, is an uncollateralized and algorithmic stablecoin tied to the US dollar. However, due to a lack of collateral and the algorithmic design, the stablecoin and underlying Terra, now TerraClassic, token were unable to withstand a strong sell-off. After the catastrophe, the entire Terra ecosystem collapsed, taking nearly $18 billion off UST's $18.6 billion market cap. Read our in-depth analysis of the Terra crash.

Unsurprisingly, the UST price decline had a significant impact on other stablecoins, including DAI. Although DAI managed to keep its peg to the USD, its market valuation fell dramatically from $8 billion to $6.33 billion. However, as the token found its floor, there was a rush in demand for DAI, causing a DAI token to sell for a premium (little more than $1).

While the crash of UST called into question the legitimacy of algorithmic stablecoins, DAI's performance during this period suggests that not all hope is gone for decentralized stablecoins. It also emphasizes the significance of stablecoin over-collateralization.

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