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CyberConnect is a technology that aims to revolutionize the way people interact on the internet by providing a decentralized social protocol. This protocol focuses on ensuring individual control over personal data, identities, and social interactions. The goal is to encourage widespread adoption and create a network effect, where more users attract even more users due to the benefits and value offered.

At its core, CyberConnect utilizes the concept of identity sovereignty. This means that users have complete ownership and authority over their digital identities within the framework of the protocol. Instead of relying on centralized entities like social media platforms to manage user data and interactions, CyberConnect leverages blockchain technology to give users the power to manage and control their own identities.


A group of individuals joined forces in November 2021 to establish CyberConnect and craft a decentralized social graph protocol. Taking the helm as CEO, Wilson Wei assumes a crucial leadership role, while Ryan Li, Shiyu Zhang, and Zhimao Liu contribute to the broader vision and course of CyberConnect.

The concept for CyberConnect took shape in 2021 when Wilson Wei, Duke McKenzie, Ryan Li, Shiyu Zhang, and Zhimao Liu co-founded the enterprise. Their mission was to challenge the established norms by furnishing developers with the tools to construct fair and inventive social applications within the realm of Web3. In the burgeoning Web3 landscape, CyberConnect emerged as a disruptor, offering a robust foundation for developers to achieve remarkable feats. The founders firmly believe that social graphs constitute the cornerstone of Web3's future, capable of empowering Decentralized Applications (DApps) by forging connections across the Web3 environment. Guided by this vision, they conceived CyberConnect as a decentralized social graph protocol that embodies the principles of identity self-sovereignty and catalyzes network effects. This protocol empowers developers to kickstart network effects and construct potent social DApps, while simultaneously restoring data control to users. At its core, the inception of CyberConnect stemmed from a desire to fashion an impartial and decentralized social media platform within the realm of Web3.

What makes it unique?

CyberConnect stands out as a distinctive decentralized social graph protocol, boasting several noteworthy features that differentiate it from other social media platforms:

Decentralization: CyberConnect operates as a decentralized social network, granting developers the ability to forge social applications that empower users to possess full ownership of their digital identities. This decentralized approach ensures users retain control over their data, fostering enhanced privacy.

Tamper-Proof Data Structure: Central to CyberConnect's architecture is a tamper-proof data structure that effectively facilitates the creation, updating, querying, and verification of user data. This feature guarantees the security of user information, rendering it impervious to unauthorized modifications.

Standardized Data Formats: CyberConnect employs standardized data formats to safeguard social capital. This means users can place trust in the data they receive, assured of its accuracy and reliability.

CyberAccount: An integral offering of CyberConnect is the CyberAccount feature, a decentralized identity system enabling users to establish unique identities within the network. This empowers users with control over their identities while maintaining their privacy.

Support for Multiple Blockchains: CyberConnect showcases versatility by accommodating multiple blockchains for application development. Developers can craft applications on diverse blockchains while still being able to access and utilize social graph data, enhancing flexibility and compatibility.

Network Security 

CyberConnect prioritizes network security through several key mechanisms:

Tamper-Proof Data Structure: The use of a tamper-proof data structure within CyberConnect ensures the secure creation, updates, queries, and verification of user data. This structure guarantees data integrity and prevents unauthorized tampering.

Decentralization: Operating as a decentralized social network, CyberConnect empowers users with data ownership and control over its sharing. This decentralized approach assures user data privacy and control.

Cyber Security Services: CyberConnect goes the extra mile by offering managed IT services, including backup, recovery, and cybersecurity. The network is constantly monitored to ensure 24/7 security, safeguarding users' data from threats.

Key mechanisms that drive CyberConnect's functionality:

CyberAccount: A distinctive feature, CyberAccount, establishes a decentralized identity system that allows users to craft unique identities on the network. This hands users the reins to their identities and privacy.

Standardized Data Formats: CyberConnect employs standardized data formats, bolstering the security of social capital. Users can rely on the accuracy and trustworthiness of the data they receive.

Rich API Set: Developers benefit from a comprehensive set of APIs provided by CyberConnect, empowering them to build robust social decentralized applications (dApps). This development environment respects user data sovereignty, making it easier for developers to create innovative and user-centric social applications.

Recent developments 

CyberConnect, a decentralized social graph protocol designed to enhance Web3 application network effects, has introduced its V3 upgrades alongside the launch of the "CyberTrek" campaign.

Built on EVM chains, CyberConnect empowers users to truly own their social identities, content, and connections within the network. The standout feature of the V3 upgrade is the introduction of CyberAccount, an ERC-4337-compatible smart wallet with account abstraction. This brings benefits like seamless dApp usage across different blockchains, preferred currency gas fee payment, email or phone-based wallet setup, customizable security rules, account recovery options, session keys, and more.

The CyberTrek campaign spans two months, offering rewards worth 1.8 million dollars. Divided into six mini-treks, each lasting two weeks, the campaign spotlights partner blockchain networks and their top applications through online events like AMAs, roundtables, and fireside chats.

Participation involves claiming the CyberConnect V3 Evangelist NFT, topping up Gas Credit in CyberAccount (minimum $10 USD), and claiming the CyberWallet Early Access NFT.

CyberConnect positions itself as a decentralized social protocol championing identity sovereignty and mass adoption. Users can create profiles on EVM-compatible blockchains, retaining ownership of their social graph, content, monetization channels, and data for seamless transitions across dApps.

The platform emphasizes returning social graph data ownership to users, benefiting Web3 developers with a robust integration base. It supports multiple blockchains for app development, enabling Dapps to utilize user-provided social graph data.

Having secured $25M in funding from respected investors like Animoca Brands, Amber Group, and Polygon Studios, CyberConnect underscores its commitment to a user-centric, blockchain-agnostic approach.


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