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LayerAI (LAI) Price Live Chart

Crypto GPT & LayerAI (LAI)

Since mid-2022, LayerAI has been under development and has swiftly progressed. It has welcomed applications across diverse sectors like gaming, fitness, education, and travel. With numerous active users, LayerAI is the host for various apps. Its strategy revolves around acquiring users and developers, tackling the major challenge of achieving sustainable and predictable adoption. LayerAI's goal is to bridge into the global data and AI market while streamlining blockchain-based commerce.

What Is CryptoGPT & LayerAI (LAI)?

LayerAI stands as the ZK Layer-2 blockchain at the forefront of the AI revolution. This blockchain, known as $LAI, boasts a staggering 2+ million active user base, solidifying its position among the largest blockchains upon its inception.

In this innovative ZK Layer-2 Blockchain, individuals have the power to control the monetization of their AI data, transforming everyday tasks into potential income sources.

Recognizing data as the new cornerstone of the AI revolution, LayerAI acknowledges its significance as the driving force behind AI development and enhancement. Major tech giants like Meta and Google have built their empires by capitalizing on user data.

What sets LayerAI apart is its pioneering fusion of blockchain and AI technologies, aiming to democratize the wealth within the trillion-dollar AI and data market.

LayerAI is the primary supplier of data for AI applications, tapping into a trillion-dollar market ripe for decentralization and innovation.

Standing as the fastest-growing app in human history, LayerAI pioneered an AI application accessible to the retail sector. However, unlike privately funded projects like ChatGPT, LayerAI's success remains accessible to the public.

Despite the recent explosive growth of AI projects, many struggle with a fundamental issue: insufficient user bases to achieve virality akin to ChatGPT.

LayerAI distinguishes itself by already boasting apps with 2 million users, positioning itself as the only AI platform coming close to ChatGPT's triumph. Various app developers in lifestyle, music, gaming, dating, travel, and other sectors join the CryptoGPT ecosystem, unlocking a fresh stream of income through data.

The time has arrived for LayerAI to emerge from stealth mode after meticulous development since mid-2022.

Similar to ChatGPT, LayerAI targets widespread adoption among the general public, a departure from other blockchain-based AI projects. This approach presents an untapped market opportunity: penetration through consumer apps. Leveraging web3 native marketing channels and a compelling value proposition, LayerAI has successfully onboarded applications in gaming, fitness, education, travel, and other sectors.

This positions LayerAI as the inaugural sustainable 'to earn' ecosystem, compensating users for contributing data sold in the global data marketplace.

LayerAI serves as the dedicated layer-2 blockchain for AI development.

Scalability at its core, LayerAI utilizes zkRollup technology as a layer-2 protocol. Its unique EVM-compliance grants access to vast codebase libraries, ensuring swift and seamless integration for developers and users alike.

Meticulously designed to resist centralized control, LayerAI operates as a network immune to centralized influence. Its mining model and security mechanisms scale in tandem with user activity, upheld by #ProofOfActivity, fortifying the network's security with its adoption.

Characterized by its boundless potential, LayerAI combines immensely scalable, ultra-low-cost transactions with empowering infrastructure—data capsules, AI tooling, and a pluggable earn launcher—paving the way for a blockchain poised to expand the global economy's capabilities through AI economics.


Layer AI’s core team is comprised of professionals across a range of backgrounds. CEO Volkan Gurel brings experience from engineering and management at MIT, Hunch and Coinbase, CRO Burcu Ozcengiz is ex-Unity, CTO Kuo-chin Lien comes from Appen and XMotors, and board member Mehmet Ecevit previously co-founded the Zynga-acquired studio Gram Games.

Working Mechanism 

Operating on a Layer-2 blockchain through zkRollup technology, LayerAI facilitates private, secure, and scalable transactions. It’s structured to resist centralized control, utilizing a mining model that bolsters security with increased network activity. Embracing EVM compliance, LayerAI welcomes an extensive array of codebase libraries, facilitating smooth and swift adoption by developers and users. Additionally, its Data-to-AI Engine handles the bulk of data and transaction requests off-chain, ensuring exceptional throughput and scalability.

UseCases / Uniqueness

LayerAI represents a ZK Layer-2 blockchain specially designed for advancing AI development. Within the LayerAI ecosystem, data assumes a crucial role as an emerging asset class, contributing significantly to the global data and AI economy expected to reach a trillion dollars. Anticipating the forthcoming AI boom in the tech sector, the value of data is set to skyrocket further. With AI's growing dependence on refined data to train intricate algorithms, companies offering high-quality data stand to benefit immensely from this surging demand.

LayerAI seamlessly merges the practical applications of AI with a secure tokenization mechanism, utilizing our $LAI token. This integration introduces fresh value in three key ways:

  1. Applications join in, leveraging new revenue streams by ethically monetizing user data with their explicit consent.

  2. Users participate through #AItoEarn models, using the same applications while earning rewards.

  3. A wide array of businesses globally, spanning healthcare, insurance, finance, advertising, education, and more, procure user data from native apps.

The LAI token operates as the multi-value gas token within the LayerAI blockchain, serving as the essential fuel for network transactions. Its value is reinforced through various channels, including validator staking, cash flow from core products, and the fee treasury's ability to facilitate liquidity events like buy-backs, burns, or enhanced yield.

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