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   COTI ( COTI ) Price Live Chart


COTI, also known as the Currency of The Internet, represents a crypto ecosystem with the goal of constructing a decentralized and scalable payment network to streamline global commerce efficiently.

Its approach involves merging distributed ledger technologies with conventional payment methods, striving to establish an advanced decentralized payment system characterized by trustworthiness, immediate transactions, and cost efficiency. 

What sets COTI apart from other payment solutions is its comprehensive approach, encompassing an inventive trust mechanism, a decentralized mediation system, a multi-currency wallet, and an inherent currency exchange. At the core of the COTI ecosystem lies the COTI coin, serving as its native digital currency.

What is COTI?

COTI, which stands for the Currency of The Internet, endeavors to establish an expandable decentralized payment network for global trade. Within its framework, COTI integrates a trust mechanism, a multi-currency wallet, a crypto exchange, and a decentralized mediation system. 

Initially conforming to the ERC 20 standard, the COTI cryptocurrency has evolved into a COTI coin functioning as a medium of exchange within its network. The utilization of coins within the COTI ecosystem proves advantageous due to its low fees and rapid transaction speeds.

The introduction of the COTI Cross Chain Bridge marks a significant milestone in the realm of blockchain technology. This bridge represents a crucial stride towards materializing the idea of a completely interconnected Internet of values. 

COTI's Cross Chain Bridge facilitates seamless integration with nearly any existing blockchain while offering additional support for unique registry features such as scalability, stacking, and management. 

Effectively, the COTI Cross Chain Bridge links its primary mainnet with other mainnets, notably achieving full connectivity with the Ethereum blockchain while possessing the necessary capabilities and developmental strategies for scaling.

Additionally, the COTI blockchain, referred to as Cluster, operates on directed acyclic graphs (DAG). The high throughput of DAG-based networks relies on simultaneous asynchronous transaction verification. In simpler terms, every confirmed transaction requires confirmations from two preceding transactions, and this relationship isn't always linear.

Founders & Team

Established in early 2017, COTI's Protocol amalgamates infrastructure layers, services, and applications to create a comprehensive, modular, and fully customizable payment solution.

The project is overseen by experts from diverse professional domains, including mathematics, information technology, economics, and finance, with backgrounds in prominent organizations like IBM, HSBC, and Credit Suisse. The project boasts 17 official advisors representing investment banks and venture funds, with notable figures like Greg Kidd, known for supporting successful ventures such as Ripple Labs, Coinbase, Square, and Twitter.

How does COTI function? 

The COTI ecosystem facilitates rapid and stable payment solutions directly accessible to merchants through specialized tools. It operates without relying on financial intermediaries. Notably, the network boasts an impressive capability of processing up to 100,000 transactions per second, surpassing the speeds of many traditional payment systems and blockchains. 

Despite its high transaction speed, COTI ensures equivalent levels of stability and security. Additionally, the platform integrates a dispute resolution mechanism to safeguard against user errors and fraudulent activities, employing the Trust Chain Algorithm. The native token of the COTI project operates across three distinct main networks:

  • The Trustchain network.

  • The COTI token, functions as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network.

  • The BEP-2 version of the token is exclusively available on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Given the widespread acceptance and standardization of ERC-20 tokens globally, most exchanges utilize the ERC-20 version of the COTI token. The native COTI coin serves as the primary unit of account and as a commonly used medium for transaction fees and other related tasks.

What Sets COTI Apart?

COTI distinguishes itself through its unique platform, which facilitates the seamless development of advanced fintech products, saving time, data, and financial resources. COTI Pay is capable of handling diverse payment methods, encompassing online and offline transactions, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, credit cards, and native coins. 

Additionally, it incorporates built-in financing, enabling interest accrual on deposits and loans, and is integrated with the white-label payment network.

Conventional payment systems incur substantial costs for merchants and customers, totaling billions annually. Therefore, the white-label payment network serves as a global platform, fostering frictionless transactions across digital wallets, coins, and more for users and merchants alike.

Moreover, COTI stands as the pioneering platform optimized for creating price-stable coins, providing users the opportunity to issue their own stablecoins and regain complete control over their funds and data.

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