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Bloktopia (Blok)

Bloktopia stands as a decentralized metaverse strategically built on the Polygon blockchain. At the heart of Bloktopia lies a decentralized virtual reality skyscraper comprising 21 levels, a symbolic homage to the 21 million Bitcoin. This skyscraper acts as a central hub within the metaverse, offering users a singular space to access a wealth of crypto information and immersive content seamlessly.

In Bloktopia, users, referred to as Bloktopians, can partake in diverse activities. They have the opportunity to enhance their crypto knowledge, ranging from fundamental concepts to advanced learnings. Additionally, Bloktopians can generate income by owning virtual real estate, engaging in gaming experiences, establishing networks, and participating in various activities.

Furthermore, Bloktopia incorporates a mechanism allowing advertisers and sponsors to monetize the platform's user base through a dedicated non-fungible token (NFT) system. This approach provides a novel way for content creators and advertisers to interact with the Bloktopia community.

Bloktopia's immersive environment is aligned with its four core pillars: Learn, Earn, Play, and Create. By combining these elements, Bloktopia strives to deliver a comprehensive virtual reality experience for the crypto community, creating a space where users can not only gain knowledge but also participate actively in various activities within the metaverse.


Bloktopia is developed by a seasoned team of blockchain professionals, spearheaded by CEO and co-founder Ross Tavakoli, renowned as a "Crypto OG" with a substantial presence in the cryptocurrency domain since 2015. Tavakoli's extensive experience brings valuable insights to Bloktopia, particularly in retail investment on the platform. Co-founder Paddy Carrol, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), contributes his expertise, having previously worked for prominent UK brands such as BT Group and Sky.

The technical aspects of the team are overseen by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Simon Benson, a project tech lead boasting over 25 years of commercial development experience. Complementing the team is Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Libby Rothwell, who brings more than 15 years of experience in the film industry.

Furthermore, Bloktopia has garnered support from a diverse array of investors, playing a pivotal role in amassing a robust community of over 300,000 followers on Twitter. Animoca Brands, a major player in the crypto venture capital landscape, stands as the lead investor, with participation from notable funds including AU21 Capital, Magnus Capital, Polygon, and Avalanche, solidifying Bloktopia's position as a promising and well-supported venture within the metaverse space.

What Makes Bloktopia Unique?

Bloktopia is dedicated to crafting a captivating user experience by incorporating various interactive elements for Bloktopians to engage with within the platform.

To immerse oneself in the high-end metaverse of Bloktopia, users must create avatars that materialize outside the towering 21-story Bloktopia skyscraper. Upon entering the first level, users can access cryptocurrency pricing information, seek assistance from the helpdesk, and utilize the navigation area. This level also provides an overview of events scheduled for the day, anticipating significant demand for advertising space from exchanges and crypto influencers.

The auditorium within Bloktopia will serve as a venue for immersive and interactive video presentations from notable crypto influencers, constituting a focal point for key events within the metaverse. Another floor houses a penthouse and gaming section, allowing users to engage in multiplayer games, family-friendly activities, or casino games like poker to compete for BLOK.

Bloktopia introduces the option to purchase real estate in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can subsequently be leased to advertisers or used to host personal events. Additionally, the platform offers 21 large totems and 84 small totems known as ADBLOK on the skyscraper's first floor, presenting lucrative advertising opportunities.

In essence, Bloktopia provides users with the means to unlock diverse streams of passive and active income, access educational tools about crypto, and actively participate in virtual events and gatherings, fostering a dynamic and multifaceted metaverse experience.

How Is the Bloktopia Network Secured?

BLOK operates as an ERC-20 token within the Polygon network, which functions as a layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum. Within the Polygon ecosystem, various scaling solutions are made possible, including optimistic rollup chains, ZK rollup chains, and side chains. Polygon utilizes a tailored version of the Plasma framework, incorporating proof-of-stake checkpoints that seamlessly interact with the Ethereum mainnet.

The unique design of Polygon contributes to its scalability and efficiency, offering a versatile environment for blockchain development. As a layer-two solution, it addresses the challenges of congestion and high gas fees associated with the Ethereum network.

In a strategic move, Bloktopia has partnered with Venly, a prominent platform specializing in blockchain game development. This collaboration facilitates a synergistic relationship between the crypto and gaming realms. By leveraging Venly's expertise, Bloktopia bridges the divide between these two sectors, opening up new possibilities for innovation and engagement within the metaverse.

Through this partnership, Bloktopia aims to enhance its offerings, particularly in the context of blockchain-based gaming experiences, ensuring a seamless integration of crypto and gaming technologies within the Polygon ecosystem. This strategic alliance underscores the commitment to advancing the capabilities and user experience within Bloktopia's decentralized metaverse.

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