Bitcoin Gold Price (BTG)

₹ 4088.4600000000 2.32 %

Low : ₹ 3964.8900 High : ₹ 4134.4200

Market Cap

₹71.78 B

0.6247 %

All Time High : ₹29188.0000

All Time Low : ₹321.2100


₹2.11 B

Circulating Supply 17513900
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Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Established in 2017, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was conceived as a user-friendly alternative to Bitcoin, seeking to merge the robust security of the Bitcoin blockchain with a platform conducive to experimentation and advancement. The BTG network positions itself as a distinctive entity within the cryptocurrency realm, aiming to foster innovation while retaining the fundamental characteristics of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Gold introduces enhancements to the crypto space through a blockchain design closely aligned with Bitcoin. However, it sets itself apart by avoiding the utilization of resources such as Bitcoin hash power, and it refrains from engaging in competition for the coveted title of the "real Bitcoin." Instead of striving for dominance, BTG focuses on providing a platform that allows for experimentation and development.

The core objective of Bitcoin Gold is to offer a coin that preserves the implementation capabilities inherent in Bitcoin while simultaneously broadening the landscape for developers involved in decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized application (DApp) creation. By providing an environment that encourages innovation, BTG aims to contribute to the evolution of blockchain technology and empower developers to explore new possibilities in the decentralized financial and application development sectors.


Bitcoin Gold emerged from the collaboration of a diverse group of enthusiasts, with Hang Yin playing a pivotal role as a co-founder and lead developer. Yin, a 2015 computer science graduate from Fudan University, embarked on his professional journey immediately after graduation. Initially a software engineer at Google from late 2015, he later transitioned into entrepreneurship by founding Bitcoin Gold in 2018. His entrepreneurial ventures expanded further with the founding of HashForests the same year.

Another key figure in the formation of Bitcoin Gold is Martin Kuvandzhiev, the second co-founder and a board member. Kuvandzhiev's academic background includes a degree in computer software engineering from the Technical University of Sofia. His professional trajectory began with roles such as a McDonald's food service worker.

Progressing in his career, he became an assistant professor at the Technical University of Sofia in 2015, and by 2016, he assumed the position of lead iOS developer at phyre JSC. In addition to co-founding Bitcoin Gold in 2017, Kuvandzhiev further showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by launching Presently, he serves as the CEO of Assetify, adding leadership roles to his diverse portfolio since his involvement with Bitcoin Gold.

What makes Bitcoin Gold Unique?

Bitcoin Gold distinguishes itself by blending the foundational attributes of the original Bitcoin blockchain with an innovative approach to blockchain development. Stemming from a hard fork of Bitcoin, BTG seeks to redefine the mining process, addressing the scalability challenges that its predecessor faces. The key to this transformation lies in the introduction of a novel proof-of-work algorithm, aiming to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of mining operations.

An essential aspect of Bitcoin Gold's uniqueness lies in its commitment to open-source principles, providing a platform where developers can actively engage in governance and contribute to blockchain development. This emphasis on decentralization is deemed crucial, addressing a significant challenge faced by Bitcoin.

As one of the pioneering hard forks of the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Gold has garnered attention from institutional and enterprise investors. Its presence on a diverse array of exchanges, swap services, and wallets contributes to its accessibility. Moreover, Bitcoin Gold has found active adoption among various online browsers and service providers, further solidifying its position in the cryptocurrency landscape. In essence, Bitcoin Gold's uniqueness emerges from its strategic blend of traditional Bitcoin elements with forward-thinking approaches to address contemporary challenges and foster wider adoption.

Network Security

The security of the Bitcoin Gold network is anchored in the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, akin to its predecessor, Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin Gold set out to redefine the mining landscape, a goal achieved by introducing Equihash PoW, a distinctive algorithm that contrasts with Bitcoin's reliance on application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners.

In a departure from Bitcoin's preference for ASIC miners, Bitcoin Gold's Equihash PoW algorithm is designed to be GPU-friendly. This strategic choice opens up mining opportunities for a broader community, as graphics processing units (GPUs) are more widely accessible compared to specialized ASIC hardware. Equihash, in particular, demands a significant amount of memory, making it conducive to GPU mining while presenting a challenge for ASICs that lack the requisite memory capacity.

Bitcoin Gold's security model emphasizes the computational power wielded by miners, differentiating itself from blockchain networks like Ethereum, which employs the proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism that prioritizes stakeholders. By focusing on processing power, Bitcoin Gold ensures that the security of its network is directly tied to the efforts and capabilities of miners, contributing to a decentralized and robust ecosystem.

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