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About Big Time (BIGTIME)

BigTime is an innovative blockchain gaming platform that takes players on an adventurous journey across various historical periods, from ancient times to the distant future. What sets BigTime apart is its dedication to empowering players and ensuring asset ownership. 

By leveraging blockchain technology, players can acquire and enhance Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), such as weapons, armor, companions, and land. These NFTs serve as more than just collectibles; they are tradeable assets, granting players real ownership and autonomy.

What is BIGTIME?

The BigTime token, often abbreviated as BIGTIME, serves as the core digital currency within the BigTime blockchain gaming platform. With a total supply of 5 billion tokens, it plays a crucial role in shaping the BigTime ecosystem. BIGTIME is a utility token that offers a variety of functions, contributing to the expansion and vitality of the gaming platform.

One key use of BIGTIME is the acquisition of in-game items, including a broad range of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), character-enhancing cosmetics, and performance-boosting items. This currency enables players to purchase, trade, and upgrade their in-game assets, enhancing their gaming experience.

BIGTIME also features a staking mechanism allowing players to lock their tokens and earn rewards, such as more BIGTIME tokens, which can be reinvested in the game, or unique in-game items that provide a competitive advantage. Moreover, BIGTIME extends its utility to governance, giving token holders the ability to influence key decisions within the BigTime ecosystem. 

This ensures the community has a voice in resource allocation and reward distribution, nurturing a sense of shared ownership and accountability. In essence, BIGTIME is more than just a digital currency; it is the driving force of BigTime, empowering players with ownership, rewards, and governance features in this innovative blockchain gaming platform.

What is the history behind of BIGTIME?

In 2020, Thor Alexander and Ari Meilich established Big Time Studios, the driving force behind this new AAA crypto gaming innovation. Ari Meilich, known for co-founding and leading Decentraland, partnered with Thor Alexander, who was previously the VP of Production. 

The current team also includes Martin Sweitzer, Matt Tonks, Tom Zhao, Doug Wilson, and other prominent figures in the gaming industry, known for their contributions to games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite, and other popular titles.

In late 2021, Big Time Studios revealed plans to introduce NFTs and an in-game token. Several factors contribute to the substantial excitement surrounding the Big Time game release. Firstly, the game will be available for free. Additionally, the esteemed reputation of the Big Time Studios development team has set high expectations. 

Moreover, the game presents an innovative blend of a crypto-based action RPG with opportunities to earn tokens. The creators are also building anticipation by granting some players early access through limited special passes. In the Big Time metaverse, players can explore various realms of space and time, battle monsters, and customise their SPACE NFTs.

What are the features of BIGTIME?

  1. Time Travel Experience: BigTime lets players embark on a journey through time, exploring famous historical periods.

  2. NFT Asset Ownership: Players gain true ownership of in-game assets through NFTs, offering complete control over their items.

  3. Player-Driven Economy: A dynamic player-run economy supports trade and commerce, creating a lively marketplace.

  4. Community-Led Governance: The decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) empowers players to take part in crucial decision-making.

  5. Asset Ownership: Players possess full ownership of digital assets, enhancing their gaming journey.

  6. Open Transactions: All transactions on the BigTime blockchain are open and viewable by everyone.

  7. Enhanced Security: Advanced cryptography safeguards the BigTime blockchain, protecting it from hacking or cheating.

  8. Gameplay Rewards: Players can earn rewards through gameplay, TIME token staking, and community engagement.

  9. Premium Gaming Experience: BigTime delivers an exceptional gaming experience with high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay.

  10. Innovative Blockchain: The platform leads the way in player-owned economies and community governance, establishing new benchmarks in blockchain gaming.

  11. Vibrant Community: BigTime thrives on an enthusiastic and involved player and investor community, boosting its potential for success.

What are the latest developments of Big Time?

The preseason launch introduces Patch 0.28, which brings several exciting features to Big Time.

  1. Earn BIGTIME Tokens with Hourglasses: Hourglasses are collectible items crafted by the Time Warden and are the primary way to earn BIGTIME tokens. These collectibles come in ten rarity levels, from common to unique. The rarity of an Hourglass determines the amount of BIGTIME tokens a player can earn. For example, a 'common' Hourglass has no bonus, while a 'unique' one may offer up to a 2,000% bonus. Players can equip up to five Hourglasses to maximise their BIGTIME yield.

  2. Prestige Portals: Prestige portals are a new addition that emphasises the importance of having the right collectibles for your character. To access these exclusive portals, players must meet specific cosmetic collectible requirements, such as the correct colour or theme. Once the requirements are fulfilled, players pay an entry fee in BIGTIME tokens or Time Crystals (Big Time's premium currency) to access the portal. Inside, players can embark on adventures to defeat bosses and enjoy higher drop rates for bonus BIGTIME, Time Crystals, and rare NFTs.

  3. New Craftable NFTs and Utility NFTs: With the help of workshop NFTs like Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens, players can now craft unique weapon and armor cosmetic NFTs. This allows players to create distinct cosmetics for armor pieces and weapons. Upgrading to higher rarity tiers will require more BIGTIME tokens, so players should plan ahead to ensure they have enough resources.

  4. Rentable Workshop NFTs: Guilds and players can rent out their workshop NFTs via Open Loot, providing access to newer players who want to craft new collectibles without bearing the upfront cost. This encourages participation in the game and allows players to sell their creations on Open Loot.

  5. Quality of Life Social Features: As more players join Big Time, the game is expected to see a significant increase in new players exploring space and time. The social features and auto-queue party system support group play by allowing players to form guilds and battle together. The auto-queue system also facilitates playing with friends and encourages teamwork.

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