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Travala (AVA) Price Live Chart

Travala (AVA)

AVA is a versatile token spanning multiple blockchain networks, including Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Binance Chain (BEP-2), and Ethereum (ERC-20). Originally conceived as a travel utility token, it is linked to the Travala(.)com platform, facilitating crypto-based bookings for a variety of travel services.

AVA's core objective is to transform the travel sector by introducing transparent pricing, pioneering innovations, ensuring security, and fostering efficient engagement among stakeholders. 

The creators of AVA aspire to harmonize travel reservations with decentralized technology, advocating for accessibility, immunity against censorship, and direct peer-to-peer transactions. Their vision includes developing open-source technology governed by software and users.

What Does Travala Offer?

Travala stands out as a travel platform that not only allows users to book from a vast selection of accommodations worldwide but also provides opportunities to earn rewards through its native token, AVA. Unlike traditional travel websites such as, Travala distinguishes itself by integrating cryptocurrency technology into its system, creating an innovative and forward-looking solution. 

By leveraging blockchain capabilities, the platform supports bookings, incentivizes travel, introduces travel-related gift cards, maintains cost efficiency, and extends multiple advantages to its clientele. Furthermore, in addition to AVA support, the platform accommodates transactions in 40 other cryptocurrencies, including BTC, DOGE, and LTC.

The Evolution of Travala

Originally known as Concierge, Travala underwent a rebranding in 2018 with the vision to build an advanced travel solution utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology. The platform's initial coin launch garnered $2.6 million in funding, facilitating its expansion to serve customers in 200 countries globally.

Travala was established by Steve Hipwell, Juan Otero, and Matthew Lopez, with Hipwell continuing as the CEO, Otero overseeing resources and activities, and Lopez holding the positions of CFO and Chief Information Officer. The team collaborates with experts and advisors in both blockchain and travel industries, playing pivotal roles in the ongoing development of the platform.

How Travala Functions

Travala's user-friendly platform allows new users to register, earning a bonus in AVA tokens. Payments for bookings can be made in cryptocurrencies, AVA tokens, or fiat currency. AVA token usage provides access to special pricing and additional services while traveling. Members can accrue extra AVA tokens through referrals and reviews after their trip.

The platform operates across three layers: the DApp layer serves as the user interface, enabling bookings, travel research, and insurance purchases. The Protocol layer hosts smart contracts and manages economic functions via the NEO blockchain, facilitating transactions and communication between users and service providers. 

Finally, the Consensus layer, utilizing the NEO blockchain, supports a delegated Byzantine fault tolerant (dBFT) protocol, handling up to 1,000 transactions per second and managing user balances, reputations, and governance records.

Features of Travala

Travala introduces unique features like the Smart Program, allowing users to save on bookings and earn by staking AVA tokens. The Invite Program rewards users for referrals, benefiting both the referrer and the new joiner. 

Moreover, the platform's decentralized model empowers property owners to create custom discounts, and loyalty rewards, and accept cryptocurrency payments. Users with staked AVA tokens can participate in community governance by voting on proposed changes or developments in the platform.

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