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Arkham (ARKM)

Arkham operates as a blockchain analysis platform, employing artificial intelligence (AI) to unveil the identities behind blockchain and on-chain data, thus deanonymizing the information. Comprising two primary components, the platform features the Analytics Platform and Intel Exchange. The Analytics Platform delivers insights into various entities, including exchanges, funds, whales, and tokens, enabling users to explore portfolio holdings, transaction histories, exchange flows, network relationships, and other on-chain analytics. On the other hand, the Intel Exchange facilitates the buying and selling of address labels and intelligence through bounties, auctions, or the DATA Program.

Powered by an in-house AI engine, Arkham integrates diverse data sources, encompassing public records, social media, web scraping, and user submissions, to label addresses and furnish entity analytics through ULTRA, the platform's AI algorithm. Arkham's applications range from tracking stolen funds and identifying fraudsters to verifying counterparties, auditing transactions, and investigating hacks. While the platform aims to incentivize on-chain research to combat crypto crimes, it has sparked privacy concerns among some users and advocates who argue that its deanonymization approach contradicts the foundational principles of anonymity and censorship resistance in the crypto movement. Arkham contends that it adheres to privacy standards, emphasizing that it does not collect or store personal user data, providing only publicly available information verifiable on the blockchain.


Founded in 2020 by veteran entrepreneur Miguel Morel, Arkham Intelligence is a notable player in the cryptocurrency market. With substantial experience navigating the dynamic landscape of crypto markets, Miguel brings a deep understanding of the intelligence requirements for decision-makers in government, venture capital, and trading. Beyond his role as a founder, Miguel is also an investor in various technology startups, adding a multifaceted dimension to his engagement in the crypto space.

Arkham Intelligence has garnered attention and support from some of the most prominent investors in both the crypto industry and beyond. The roster includes an undisclosed co-founder of OpenAI, Joe Lonsdale (8VC) co-founder of Palantir, Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Wintermute, GSR, and Geoff Lewis (Bedrock). The company successfully secured over $10 million in two rounds of equity financing, culminating in its last funding round where it achieved a valuation of $150 million. The high-profile backing from industry leaders and accomplished investors reflects the confidence and recognition of Arkham Intelligence's potential impact in providing valuable intelligence solutions in the crypto and blockchain space.

What makes Arkham Unique?

Arkham stands out in the blockchain analytics landscape by prioritizing total coverage and multi-chain integration. In contrast to platforms focusing on specific blockchains or limited data sources, Arkham employs its proprietary AI system, ULTRA, to collect and aggregate data from diverse chains. This inclusive approach aims to provide users with a comprehensive view of the crypto ecosystem, allowing for in-depth analysis and insights.

At the core of Arkham's offering is entity-based intelligence, a strategy that seeks to attribute real-world identities to crypto addresses. This holistic understanding of crypto activity enables a broad spectrum of use cases, spanning trading, compliance, research, and portfolio tracking.

Arkham introduces a unique dimension with its Decentralized Intelligence Economy through the Arkham Intel Exchange. Functioning as a decentralized marketplace, users can leverage the native currency, ARKM, to buy and sell crypto intelligence. This innovative feature empowers individuals and organizations to monetize their intelligence through bounties and auctions, creating a dynamic ecosystem that connects buyers and sellers. The Arkham Intel Exchange not only fosters a vibrant community of on-chain sleuths but also ensures the continual availability of valuable intelligence for market participants.

Network Security

Arkham (ARKM) operates as an ERC-20 token, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain for its issuance. To ensure the security of the blockchain, Arkham leverages the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. In this consensus model, validators play a crucial role by staking 32 ETH, a threshold that grants them participation in the consensus process and the responsibility of validating transactions. This strategic use of PoS enhances the security and efficiency of the Arkham blockchain, as validators contribute their staked assets to validate and confirm the legitimacy of transactions. Through this consensus mechanism, Arkham maintains a robust and secure infrastructure, aligning with the broader industry trend favoring PoS as a sustainable and secure alternative to traditional proof-of-work (PoW) mechanisms.

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Arkham's cutting-edge platform utilizes a proprietary AI engine named ULTRA to deanonymize blockchain transactions.