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ARK is a platform built on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, enabling individuals to design their own adaptable and interconnected blockchains. By employing personalized transactions, unique logic, and various programming languages, ARK diminishes the reliance on Smart Contracts within industries. 

Established in mid-2016, ARK initiated a Token Exchange Campaign (TEC) later that year, generating $800K in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The team's prudent financial management has ensured substantial funding since its establishment. On March 21, 2017, the ARK Public Network became operational, hosting the primary ARK cryptocurrency. 

Subsequently, the ARK ECOSYSTEM SCIC business entity was formed, commonly known as ',' which serves as the team's brand and website.

What Does ARK Offer?

ARK (ARK) represents a decentralized platform designed to streamline and expedite blockchain development through its modular framework. By employing separate modules, developers can tailor their blockchains created via the ARK protocol. This framework's flexibility far surpasses that of most other blockchain development platforms.

The ARK ecosystem comprises blockchain networks developed using the modular and adaptable ARK protocol, forming a network of interconnected blockchains. The primary blockchain in this ecosystem is the ARK Network, which was the first developed using this protocol.

In addition to the ARK Network, the ecosystem encompasses various products, including ARKLauncher, a user-friendly interface allowing anyone to effortlessly launch a decentralized network on the platform without the need for programming skills.

Components of the ARK Ecosystem

  • Mainsail (ARK Core): Serving as the backbone of the ARK ecosystem, ARK Core is the blockchain protocol developed using TypeScript, an open-source programming language based on JavaScript. This framework enables programmers to customize and deploy their blockchains. Initially released in 2017 and upgraded to V2 in 2018, ARK Core underwent a significant enhancement in May 2023 with the introduction of Mainsail, its latest version.
    The Mainsail upgrade notably enhanced the protocol's security by implementing an advanced consensus model akin to Tendermint. This bolstered security measures by improving transaction finality, preventing risky rollbacks, and fortifying fork-recovery mechanisms.
    Similar to its predecessor, ARK Core, Mainsail allows developers to customize and launch blockchains based on a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) block validation model. Although various elements like block times or reward levels can be customized, the core validation model remains DPoS. By default, a Mainsail-built blockchain includes 51 delegate validators, but this value can be adjusted as desired.

  • ARKScan (ARK Explorer): ARKScan functions as a specialized block explorer tool designed for the ARK public network blockchain. This tool permits any internet user to transparently view all network transactions and activities. Beyond transactions, ARKScan provides valuable data and insights, such as tracking delegate activity and displaying delegates' voting outcomes.
    Furthermore, ARKScan allows users to observe top accounts based on token ownership, which aids in conducting comprehensive analyses.

  • ARKVault (ARK Desktop Wallet): Developed by the ARK team, ARKVault is a desktop-based crypto wallet facilitating interactions with ARK-based blockchains, including ARK Network and custom-developed ARK chains. Users can utilize this wallet for sending and receiving ARK tokens, swapping crypto assets, participating in staking, and voting on governance proposals.
    For those preferring heightened security through a cold wallet, ARKVault integrates with Ledger, a prominent hardware wallet manufacturer. This integration enables users to manage their balances and transactions using Ledger's Nano models.

  • ARKLauncher (ARK Deployer): Among ARK's products, ARKLauncher stands out as an accessible tool for non-developers. It is an open-source, GUI-based wizard enabling users to launch their own blockchain without any programming skills. 
    ARKLauncher provides step-by-step guidance for configuring various parameters and features, allowing the deployment of an ARK-based blockchain network in as little as one hour. Users can specify block production times, transactions per block, rewards per block, delegate node count, and more, seamlessly integrating their new blockchain into ARK's broader chain ecosystem.

Founders & Team

Ark was founded by 27 individuals hailing from various parts of the world, forming an exceptionally decentralized team in the realm of cryptocurrency. At present, they have a core team comprising 17 members from 11 different countries.

Among the noteworthy figures in the team is Francois Xavier (FX) Thoorens, serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder. Previously, FX was involved as a core developer in the Lisk project in 2016. Subsequently, he initiated ARK, which leverages a comparable infrastructure to Lisk and several other projects, particularly in employing the delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm.

Possible applications and uses for Ark Coin

The Ark Ecosystem's adaptability enables numerous practical applications. Examples of potential use cases include:

  • Interconnecting Blockchains: Streamlining communication among diverse blockchain networks, allowing for the transfer of assets and information across different platforms.

  • Decentralized Applications (DApps): Constructing and launching DApps using the Ark platform to capitalize on its secure and expandable framework.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Embedding Ark's blockchain into IoT gadgets, establishing a secure and decentralized system for sharing data.

  • Enhancing Supply Chain Operations: Employing Ark to enhance transparency and trackability within supply chains.

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