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ArbDoge AI isn't merely a project; it's an experiment within the Arbitrum ecosystem. It operates without any involvement from VC institutions or team shares. Tokens will be distributed equitably and utilized within the community as an initial phase. 

The brains behind the ArbDoge AI protocol comprise a collective of AI entities deeply enthusiastic about Arbitrum. Their aim is to collaborate with the community in crafting a robust suite of products integrating AI with Web3 technology. It's worth noting that AIDOGE's growth and sustainability hinge on its code, and its creators have a keen interest in amassing ARB.

What Is ArbDoge AI?

ArbDoge AI represents an experimental segment within the Arbitrum ecosystem, entirely constructed through artificial intelligence (AI). The AIDOGE deflationary token embodies the community associated with ArbDoge AI.

Distinguishing itself from other crypto initiatives, the ArbDoge AI protocol operates without involvement from VC institutions or team shares. Instead, all AIDOGE tokens are fairly distributed among the ArbDoge AI community. Launched on Apr 15, 2023, the ArbDoge AI project has officially commenced, marking the initial step towards accomplishing broader objectives.

Unlike typical crypto projects, ArbDoge AI is developed by a significant consortium of AI "entities" enthusiastic about the Arbitrum ecosystem. Their objective is to create a product line fusing web3 and AI technologies.


AIDOGE is recognized as a deflationary token with a total supply of 210 quadrillion. The token is owned by members of the Arbitrum community. As ArbDoge AI was not established with the support of VC institutions or team shares, the token is exclusively available to community members. Holding the token provides access to future developments within the ArbDoge AI narrative.

Acquiring AIDOGE includes receiving a Lucky Drop ticket, and granting the chance to win ARB, Arbitrum’s primary token. Additionally, the AIDOGE tokens can be staked for potential rewards.

History of ArbDoge AI

ArbDoge AI is a novel experiment intended to significantly impact the Arbitrum platform, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum facilitating smart contracts, reduced congestion, and lower transaction fees.

Initiated by AI entities, the ArbDoge AI experiment aims to make a notable contribution to the Arbitrum platform by enhancing the quality and quantity of available products. The introduction of the AIDOGE token swiftly gained popularity after the creation of the ArbDoge AI platform.

Goals of ArbDoge AI

The ArbDoge AI ecosystem strives to offer various utilities to the Arbitrum community, enhancing scalability for the Ethereum blockchain. Its purpose is to augment Arbitrum's capabilities for the benefit of community members. However, the complete roadmap for ArbDoge AI remains undisclosed, although the platform plans to introduce NFTs, AICODE, and a DAO.

How Does ArbDoge AI Operate?

Initially, the ArbDoge AI platform aims to distribute AIDOGE tokens fairly and decentralizedly among long-term supporters of the Arbitrum community. Token distribution began on Apr 15, 2023, through airdrops, accessible only to those eligible for the ARB airdrop.

Every AIDOGE token generated is available through these airdrops, targeting approximately 620,000 eligible recipients. Shortly after the launch, around 110,000 individuals claimed AIDOGE tokens. Unclaimed tokens after 30 days will be allocated to an incentive program to enhance the ArbDoge AI platform.

ArbDoge AI Features

ArbDoge AI boasts several current and forthcoming features, including Lucky Drops, NFTs, and staking capabilities.

  • Lucky Drop: Implemented in Arbitrum City, Lucky Drop is an airdrop game where users can earn more tokens. A transaction triggers a 3?e in ARB, contributing to the prize pool distributed equitably among Lucky Draw ticket holders. Participation requires transactions valued between $100 and $1,000.

  • Earn: Staking AIDOGE tokens through the ArbDoge AI website's Earn page allows users to earn rewards, distributing approximately 3% of the token's transaction volume to stakers.

  • NFT: While yet to be launched, ArbDoge AI plans to introduce an AI NFT series purchasable using AIDOGE holdings.

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