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AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA) Price Live Chart

AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA)

The native token within the AllianceBlock ecosystem is known as the AllianceBlock Nexera Token (NXRA). It assumes the functionalities and characteristics previously held by the outdated AllianceBlock Token (ALBT) while laying the groundwork for an extended range of uses and enhanced connectivity across AllianceBlock's suite of solutions.

The implementation of the Prometheus Protocol, a multi-layered framework, is pivotal for enabling compliant cross-border transactions in capital markets. In December 2022, the introduction of the Nexera Protocol signified the actualization of the Prometheus Protocol. Acting as a vital link across the AllianceBlock technology infrastructure, the Nexera Protocol aims to achieve our goal of establishing seamless connections between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Traditional Finance (TradFi).

What is NXRA Crypto?

NXRA Crypto is the primary utility token within AllianceBlock, a DeFi infrastructure project aiming to elevate different facets of DeFi, such as interoperability, security, scalability, and decentralized governance. The token holds multifaceted roles, functioning as a mode of payment, establishing a reputation, offering rewards, and more within the AllianceBlock ecosystem.

  • Protocol Adoption: NXRA drives the adoption of both the Nexera Protocol and Cross-Messaging Protocol in the AllianceBlock Bridge. Any application or product utilizing these protocols involves NXRA for payments, reputation-building, rewards, and other functionalities.

  • Comprehensive DeFi Infrastructure: NXRA is deeply integrated into solutions and products utilizing the Nexera Protocol and Cross-Messaging Protocol. It acts as a pivotal element in facilitating transactions, creating credibility via reputation mechanisms, and providing incentives across the entire AllianceBlock DeFi infrastructure.

  • Payment Usage: NXRA serves as a medium of exchange for various transactions within the AllianceBlock ecosystem.

  • Reputation Systems: NXRA likely supports reputation-based systems where users can establish trust and credibility within the ecosystem.

  • Rewards and Incentives: NXRA can incentivize user participation, specific actions, or contributions to the ecosystem's growth.

A Note of Bridging

An update on AllianceBlock's bridge is forthcoming, aiming to enhance the process of bridging ERC-20 tokens across diverse networks, ensuring smoother transactions. The ability to bridge NXRA tokens will only be feasible after the update deployment, and further details are anticipated in the upcoming weeks.

Due to the exploitation of BonqDAO, the AllianceBlock Bridge using ALBT as the primary payment token for bridging was deactivated. This resulted in the inability to transfer ALBT to other networks with liquidity.

The AllianceBlock Bridge will resume operations today, facilitating the bridging of various tokens, except for the now fully deprecated ALBT and NXRA (pending token distribution). 

Users engaging in the bridging of Enjinstarter (EJS) tokens between Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain can utilize (W)EJS for the bridging fee. For bridging other tokens across supported networks, users can utilize Energy Web Token (EWT) or Wrapped AllianceBlock Energy Web Token (W)ABEWT to pay the bridging fee.

Where Does NXRA Utility Extend Within AllianceBlock?

NXRA utility spans several key areas within the AllianceBlock ecosystem:

  • Nexera and Cross-Messaging Protocols: Any product using these protocols involves NXRA, including its role as payment, reputation system, reward mechanism, and potentially more.

  • Nexera Protocol Functions: NXRA plays a critical role in each layer of the Nexera Protocol, enhancing interoperability, security, scalability, integration, and decentralized governance. These functionalities contribute to the protocol's efficiency and robustness.

  • AllianceBlock DeFi Infrastructure: NXRA is integrated into existing AllianceBlock DeFi products like Fundrs Staking, DeFi Terminal, Data Tunnel, DEX, and Bridge, adding value and utility to these products.

  • AllianceBlock Nodes: Stakers securing the network in upcoming AllianceBlock Nodes utilize NXRA for staking, contributing to network security, and receiving rewards.

  • AllianceBlock DAO: Holding NXRA is essential for governance participation within AllianceBlock. NXRA holders likely possess voting power, influencing decision-making and engaging in discussions shaping the project's future.

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